12 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2019

There’s not a business owner alive who doesn’t have “EARN MORE MONEY” as part of their 2019 list of resolutions.

The question is… how will you do that? It’s all very well to want more but you need a plan to make things truly happen.

To kick 2019 off on the right foot, here is a swag of quick ideas for better profits and more success.

Thinking, Planning and Tracking

1. Write down your goals

Putting what you want in writing makes the picture more clear. Set big goals, then break them down into small ones. What will you do TODAY to help your business grow?

2. Set your targets

Simply hoping for more won’t make it happen. Figure out the numbers you want to achieve so you have something tangible to work towards.

3. Find a way to track and measure

How did your business do last year, in comparison to the year before? If you’re not keeping track of your progress in terms of your leads, your sales, your profits and your online traffic, it is hard to know if you’re improving or not.

Customer Relations

4. Talk to your customers

What do they want? What do they like? What do they hate? It can be difficult to hear negative feedback but surveying your customers regularly to can provide valuable insights into how your business can improve.

5. Delight your customers

Your continual focus should be on making your customers happy. Keep this at the top of your mind with every strategy. If a plan or idea will make you more money but drive away customers, leave it off your list.

6. Gather testimonials

Real reviews from real people make a real difference. Ask your clients to post feedback on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Reviews. This not only adds credibility to your business, it can boost your presence in online search results.


7. Get to know video

Get your mug on camera! It creates an instant connection with your clients and will help your sales. You can create and video content with an iPhone camera and a Facebook account as a way to engage with your audience. Alternatively, consider an app like Bonjoro to instantly communicate with your customers when they reach out to you.

8. Advertise on YouTube

Many businesses don’t realise how easy and effective it is to create and post targeted ads on YouTube. You don’t need a huge production budget but can speak directly to interested customers based on their location or what they’re actively searching for.

Advertising on YouTube is something we cover at 52 Ways, our FREE small business education workshop.

9. Master remarketing

Remarketing is when a user is served with advertisements for your product after visiting your website. It is easy to set up via Google Ads or Facebook… and it works.


10. Upgrade

How old is your website? If it has been around for longer than two years, chances are it needs updating. Give it a fresh look, add compelling copy and integrate a live chat feature so your customers can connect with you instantly.

11. Review your website

How is your website performing in terms of traffic and discoverability? There are several simple tools you can use to check how fast your site is, how well it is optimised for SEO and what drives your users to click away.

12. Add more content

Google likes websites which are regularly updated. Create a blogging schedule and work a few weeks in advance so you’re not scrambling to find something to upload every couple of weeks. This doesn’t need to be a huge investment, so long as you are adding at least 300 words to a new page on a regular basis (optimised with great keywords).



The more you learn, the more you earn.

You’re an expert in what you do but nobody knows everything. Fill in the gaps in your entrepreneurial knowledge by enlisting the help of a business coach or attending 52 Ways, Business Blueprint’s FREE workshop for small business owners. Find out more at www.52ways.com.

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