2 Phrases That Will Kill Your Business Success

Nothing truly amazing is ever achieved by one person. If you want to move your business forward, you need to have a team to back you up.

If you’re a solopreneur, you might be capable of doing everything by yourself. But you must understand that there is a limit to the amount of income that you can make. Most business owners who are working on their own will most likely max out at somewhere between $200k to maybe $300k.

To go beyond that, you can’t keep working alone. You will need a team to scale your business.

Now, this is where the conflict comes in because of the two things that most business owners often say to themselves, time and time again. If you let these things get into your head, your words would soon become your reality.

Here are the two phrases that hold business owners back and the things that stop people from achieving their full potential:

“It’s Faster If I Do It Myself”

When business owners keep saying “It’s faster if I do it myself”, what it basically means is they’re left doing everything by themselves. If you’re doing everything in your business, it will limit the size of business that you can grow. If you want to grow beyond the million-dollar mark, then you’ll need to start delegating your tasks.

People argue “it’s faster if I do it myself” when actually it’s not. You may be faster that one time, but if you continue doing the same task this week and the weeks after, you’ll have spent more time on that particular task because you’re the only one who can do it.

But if you were to ask yourself, “Will I ever have to do this again?”, the answer is yes. What you can do is stop and build a system around how you do that task. Then you have to find someone from your team to do it.

Once the task has been delegated and handed over to someone new, you’ll have time to focus on doing things that increase your revenue.

So remember this: it’s not faster if you do it yourself. Take those words and remove them from your mindset completely. Learn to build systems and delegate tasks.

“Nobody Can Do It as Good as I Can”

If you’ve said this excuse to yourself a hundred times, then you’ve probably convinced yourself that “no one can do it as good as I can.” Now, this would be a tragedy because you’re destined to have a really small business for the rest of your life.

Again if you want to grow, help more people, serve more customers, make more money and have more freedom, you have to learn to let go.

This means you need to lower your ego and accept the fact that you can’t do all things on your own. Rather than feeling that you’re the best at everything, you should find people that are better than you at completing certain tasks.


Remember if you want to become successful in business, these are two really important phrases that you need to kill. The first one is “it’s faster if I do it myself” and the second is “nobody can do it as good as I can”.

Now that you know the two phrases, I need you to make a promise to yourself to never say it again. You need to extract those from your brain and replace them with new ideas.

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