5 Leadership Lessons From 2020

This year proved to be a challenging time for most business leaders. Managing a remote team, updating your marketing strategy, and preparing for the new normal. But I’ve also seen so many leaders step up and lead their team forward.

In short, the crisis has served as an opportunity for leaders to grow their leadership skills. In this video, I’ll share with you the top 5 leadership lessons I learned from 2020.

So if you’d like to become a better leader, watch the video now and put these ideas into practice.

After watching the video, I’d love to know what is the biggest leadership lesson you’ve learned this year. Let us know in the comments section below.


Hey there, Dale Beaumont here, founder and CEO of Business Blueprint. And I just thought I would make this video as we start to wrap up the crazy year that has been 2020. A year that we’ll certainly never forget. So what I want to do in this video is share with you five leadership lessons that we have learned that will stick with us, and I’m sure would benefit you as well. So keep watching this video.

Alright, leadership lesson number one, take decisive action. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that you cannot stand still. You can’t just rely on what you’re used to do, that is all changed. And so what you need to do is you need to start doing things differently. And you have to make those all-important decisions, and people will forgive you for making a wrong decision. However, they will not forgive you if you don’t make any decisions at all. So remember, as a leader, your job is to take action. Because the more action you take, the more feedback you get, then you can learn from that feedback. And then you can make better decisions moving forward.

Lesson number two enroll your team. This is so important to make sure that you get your team’s input and buy in, whenever you’re making an all important decision. The more brainpower that you can throw at the problem, the better ideas that you’re going to come up with. And then when the team comes up with the ideas. they then own them. When they own the ideas, they are a lot more likely to be implemented and enforced by the team. So get your team’s input and then ultimately make the decision that you feel is right for you.

Lesson number three is to over communicate. Whenever there’s an issue or crisis, then your job is to communicate, communicate, communicate. Because what you got to know is that people may only be seeing one in every three or four of your messages. So unless you tell people three or four times, most people don’t know. So you can never just rely on one email or one Facebook video, because most people won’t actually see it. So make sure you are talking often, make sure you’re talking loud, and make sure you are reinforcing your ideas as often as you can.

Leadership lesson number four is to be flexible. Now whenever there’s a storm, a lot of trees are going to get blown over. Why? Because they’re so fixed. They’re so rigid. However, one of the trees that never gets blown over is bamboo. Why? Because bamboo will bend. It will flex. And it can go sometimes up to 40 degrees, and then it can come back. So as a business, you need to be flexible as well. Don’t buy into the things, “This is the way we’ve always done things.” You’ll be like that creative just kind of falls over in a storm. Be flexible. Find new ways of doing things, find new solutions, talk to your staff, talk to your customers. Be flexible because you want to be the last person standing. And you will if you act more like bamboo, and less like a tree.

And now principle number five, and that is to not bounce back, it’s to bounce forward. And this concept comes from a good friend of mine Sam Cawthorn, who has actually written a whole book on this particular subject. You see, most people, they wait for the storm to pass, then they just keep going back to the way that they did everything before. But what you instead want to do is you want to use the resources and the opportunities and the new mindsets and the thinking and the solutions that you created during the crisis and think how could we reimagine what we do and do things better? How can we rather than bounce back to the old way how do we bounce forward to a new and better way of doing things?

So I’d love for you to take a little bit of time out and to reflect on your journey this year. What have you learned? What have been the gifts that you have received in this crisis? And how can you use those to build a better, brighter, more exciting future for you and your team and your customers.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2021. Bye for now!

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