Why Over 5 Million People Use G Suite And Why You Should Too

If you read the title of this blog post and wondered, “What is G Suite?”, you’re about to make a huge discovery.

Previously known as Google Apps for Business, G Suite brings your business into the cloud, making interacting with your colleagues and clients more simple and effective than ever.

Google’s G Suite includes email and note taking capabilities. It brings all your documents to the cloud, including word documents, powerpoint presentations and spreadsheets. This means you can access your business information from anywhere, at any time, so long as you have a device and an internet connection.

Take a look at the top reasons to use G Suite:

Create your own business email

Starting from $5 per month, G-Suite lets you create a Gmail account with your business name. So instead of having [email protected], you can have [email protected] This provides the professional credibility your business needs, and you can add additional accounts for staff members and departments.

All the benefits of Gmail

Gmail now has predictive text (optional) for writing emails more quickly and will give you a ‘nudge’ about emails you haven’t noticed or responded to after a few days. This can ramp up your productivity and reduce the time you spend writing emails.

Single sign-in

Sign in once to access your email, documents, calendar and notes. You can also use your Gmail to create accounts with other software and service providers.

Real-time collaboration

This is a game-changer for many businesses. In the past, sharing a document has involved hitting ‘Save’ and emailing it to your contact, who then opens it, creates a new version, saves it and emails it back. You end up with countless versions and things get very confusing.

There has also been the problem across shared access drives of of ‘ABC Document is locked for editing by another user’.

With G Suite, instead of sharing a file, you share a link. This opens an online document, ready for editing. Past versions are archived as you work and it is possible for one or more people to be actively editing a document at the same time. As you edit, you can make suggestions or direct changes, and you can @ tag your contacts with tasks and comments.

Optional security settings

When you create a document with G Suite, you can make it accessible by invitation only or open to anyone with the link. You can restrict editing rights to limit the people who can change the document.

Real security

Speaking of security, your Google account will check with you when you log in from a new device to ensure it is really you and not a hacker.

Cheap (but not nasty)

Running your business via G-Suite can cost as little as $5 per user, per month. You won’t be subjected to advertisements and your account is accessible from any browser or device.

Simple to learn

You won’t often hear people saying “I just don’t GET Google”. The email, document and calendar functionalities are all user-friendly and straightforward.

Instant Messaging

Google Hangouts allows you to chat with your team via instant message or video and is free as part of G-Suite. You can share images and files quickly and revisit conversations as necessary.

Other businesses are using it

This is perhaps the most important reason to switch your business to G Suite. If you haven’t already, you will soon have someone ask you, “Can I share a Google Doc with you?”. Having access to and being comfortable with the software will make doing business easier.

Ready to give it a try?

G Suite is convenient, practical and easy to use. It also offers actual support from real people if you are struggling to use it or have questions. The customer care team will speak with you via video call or can ring your phone.

To find out more and get started, visit https://gsuite.google.com.au/.

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