5 Ways to Manage Your Cash Flow During a Crisis

They say cash flow is king and this has never been more true than right now. Let’s dive right in and talk about how to prepare yourself and your business for what some people believe will be GFC 2.0.

Brett Kelly, founder and CEO of Kelly+Partners, a group of accounting firms now valued at over $40 million is ideally placed to share these insights, having helped multiple businesses to avoid a financial worst-case scenario.

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In this mind-expanding presentation, you’ll discover…

  • Why you need to prepare a pro forma profit and loss
  • How to urgently redo your business’ cash flow forecast
  • The importance of evaluating your terms of business
  • How to enforce payment discipline and why it matters
  • How to segment your customers and your suppliers
  • 2 government stimulus checklists that you can download

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