52 Reasons Why You Should Attend 52 Ways


Are you a business owner who is not generating enough leads? Are you working too many hours yet not making enough profit?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck. Learn tried and tested strategies at 52 Ways, a 1-day business workshop where you’ll learn one strategy to apply per week for a year.

If you’re feeling a little bit sceptical, we have compiled 52 reasons why you should attend 52 Ways.

1. It’s 100% FREE

You won’t need to shell out anything to attend. Yet you’ll gain new knowledge that will help you level up your business. Expert advice from a proven business expert.

2. Dale Beaumont is the REAL DEAL

Dale Beaumont has achieved extraordinary success not only as a business builder but also as a speaker, author and mentor. One of the many passions that drive him is to help people to live a remarkable and fulfilling life. He has inspired thousands of business owners to reach and exceed their personal and financial goals.

3. Enrich your mind with world-class content

52 Ways may be just a 1-day event but Dale doesn’t scrimp on the content. He shares information that is beautifully presented, in a delivery style that is highly professional, organised and uplifting.

The 52 ways to boost your business include:

4. Discover 10 tried and tested ways to generate more leads with less effort.

If your #1 business problem is the lack of targeted needs, look no further than 52 Ways for tried and tested strategies for lead generation.

5. Remember the 5 biggest marketing mistakes that most make and how to avoid them.

Mistakes can be a way for business owners to learn from experience. If these are common missteps that can be costly, wouldn’t you want to avoid them? Study the top five major common marketing mistakes and how you can avoid them.

6. Crack the secret to generating over $30,000 worth of free media exposure for your business.

Do you have a limited budget for marketing? 52 Ways will help you discover how to gain thousands of dollars worth of media exposure. And you won’t have to spend a dime.

7. Master a simple trick in finding anyone’s email address and showing up in their inbox without sounding like spam.

Who says email marketing is dead? The majority of people still spend a lot of time in their inbox. Learn a simple trick on how to retrieve email addresses so you can reach out to potential customers.

8. Discover how a piece of software can be of clever use to double the open rates of your emails.

How you get people to open more emails from you? Dale will share with you a great piece of software that helps increase the open rates of your emails.

9. Find out how to make a professional and effective promotional video for under $50.

Videos are becoming more popular when it comes to promoting products or services on multiple social media platforms. With 52 Ways, you’ll learn how to make a promotional and effective promotional video even if your budget is $50 or less.

10. Take steps to get super focused and crystal clear on the vision of your company

What is the ‘why’ of your business? Having a crystal clear vision makes it easier to create a story about your business. When you focus on storytelling, it can do wonders for your business.

11. Learn how to remove yourself from the grind to become the leader of your business

How can you extract yourself from the hustle bustle of business so you can focus more time on leading the business and your team? It begins with not being bogged down with excessive workload.

12. Memorise the number one principle when it comes to pricing and why you must know it

Pricing is crucial for business. This is why we are sharing with the most important principle that you should know when it comes to pricing.

13. Maximise 3 simple tools that will help you outsmart your competitors and stay on top

52 ways will equip you not only with strategies but also tools that will give you a competitive edge over business rivals. Let’s start with 3 essential tools.

14. Understand why taking at least 4 holidays per year will help your business grow

Worried when you’re on holiday from your business? You should be more worried when you can’t spend at least 4 holidays away from your business. We’ll tell you why.

15. Get started on the step-by-step roadmap to finally develop the business of your dreams

The first step to fulfilling your dreams is the toughest one to take. But once you have mapped it out, it gets easier to develop the business of your dreams. We’ll sit with you while you draft your step-by-step roadmap.

16. Build a website in 5 minutes

These days, a website is a must for every business to have an online presence. Dale will teach you how to make one in under 5 minutes.

17. Identify 3 services that will save you thousands of dollars on web development

The word ‘web development’ sometimes gives people an impression that it’s expensive. Dale knows 3 services that can help you save thousands of dollars on web development.

18. Understand the crucial role of the Google tag manager is and why you absolutely need it

You probably don’t know what a ‘Tag Manager’ is but it’s an absolute need for your website. Attend our event and we’ll tell you why.

19. Determine the one element you need to make your website a lead generation machine

Not generating enough leads for business? Find out how you can transform your website into a lean mean lead generation machine.

20. Explore 10 little-known ways to drive more traffic to your website at zero cost

How do you increase traffic to your site at little or no cost at all? We know 10 little-known ways which you’ll learn when you attend our 1-Day Workshop.

21. Check out a free tool that records the screen of every person that visits your site

Which part of your website is a hotspot for visitors? We’ll tell you about a free tool that can tell you the most visited parts of your site and the least visited, which probably need work.

22. Know how to implement systems into your business

Dale is a big believer of ‘Systems’’. In fact, building these have helped him create three million dollar companies before he was thirty. Find out how you can build systems that will benefit your business

23. Avoid the 3 mental blocks you must combat right now to become a great systems builder

Building great systems doesn’t happen overnight. But if you can clear these 3 mental blocks, you’re on way to becoming an efficient system builder.

24. Empower yourself with an 8-word sentence that will completely change the way you work

There is power in words. Though this sentence contains only 8 words, it has the power to transform the way you work.

25. Explore how you can use software to extract systems from your brain

The mind is a complex haven of creativity, which can be a challenge to draw out. Dale will share the best software tool to do just that. Extracting systems from your brain then becomes a simpler process.

26. Identify the most ideal place to store systems so you can access them on the go

Where can you store your systems if you want to access them on the go? We’ll teach you where and the best part is that it’s free!

27. Learn about that one inexpensive gadget you should carry with you everywhere you go

Not a techie person? No problem. You need just one gadget to carry wherever you go. The best good news is that it’s inexpensive.

28. Discover the best platforms for different industries and how to dominate them

There are so many platforms available, it can be confusing which ones you should utilise. You don’t have to join every platform. We’ll tell you the best ones that suit your industry and how you can outshine the competition.

29. Examine the 5 biggest mistakes that 99% of businesses are making with social media

Social media is a must these days especially since most of your potential customers can be found online. Though a lot of businesses have adopted social media, they still commit the same mistakes. Learn the top 5 mistakes so you can avoid them.

30. Understand why every business MUST use Facebook re-targeting if you want more leads

What is Facebook re-targeting? A great way to gain more leads. We won’t just tell you, we’ll show you how it’s done.

31. Learn the 10 Facebook Ads that are working right now

New to Facebook Ads? We’ll take you through the 10 different types, which ad type works best and why.

32. Gain knowledge on the fastest and easiest way to find and share useful content to get more Likes

Can you post just any content? There’s a technique to finding and sharing useful content so you can gain more likes. We’ll teach you the simplest and quickest way to do so.

33. Recognize why smart business owners are embracing ‘outsourcing’ and you should too

‘Outsourcing’ is not a dirty word. There is a reason why smart business owners are making the smart decision to outsource. You should embrace it too!

34. Identify 15 things to outsource, so you can spend less time on tasks and get greater results

Considering outsourcing? Here are 15 things you can start with so you can spend less time in the business and focus more on building the business.

35. Get a cheat sheet of 105 things that you can outsource for less than $5

If you’ve tried outsourcing and liked it, here are 105 other things you can try to outsource. The best part is they cost less than $5 per hour!

36. Know how to embrace ‘one-to-many’ selling, so you can rapidly scale your business

One of the ways you can scale your business rapidly is when you embrace ‘one-to-many’ selling. If you don’t know how all you need is to show up at our 1 Day Workshop 52 Ways and we’ll show you how.

37. Master automation to turn leads into sales without making sales calls

Systems can be automated to make processes smoother. Learn how you can utilise automation in converting leads to sales without making a call.

38. Understand why everyone needs a YouTube Channel and how to use it to generate hundreds of leads

Visual content is going to be HUGE this year and it’s just one of the reasons why you should have a YouTube Channel. Learn how you can maximise its potential to convert hundreds of leads.

39. Recognise what a ‘magalog’ is and why savvy entrepreneurs including Oprah have one

Don’t have the slightest clue what a ‘magalogue’ is? We’ll tell you why smart entrepreneurs like Oprah have joined in this trend.

40. Unearth the only software tool that you need to send an alert when someone watches your video

How do you keep track of how many are watching your video? We know this software tool that will notify you every time a person views your video.

41. Listen to how one business owner made $10 million from writing a book and so can you

Can you really earn millions from writing and publishing a book? Be inspired by one business owner who did just that and earned $10 million. You can do the same, too!

42. Nail your Virtual Assistant hiring process and onboard them for success

Ready to hire your first Virtual Assistant (VA)? We’ll guide you through the steps, including the onboarding process so you can prime them for success.

43. Find out the service that helps you pay your staff and save on currency conversion

Currency conversion can be a headache especially when you’re trying to pay your virtual staff. Luckily there’s this service that will help you save on that and smoothen your payment process.

44. Know the best software for managing your VA to ensure they’re ultra productive

Managing your team when they’re miles away in another country can be challenging. We’ll introduce you to the best software that will help you manage your VAs and maximise their productivity.

45. Discover the best tool for communicating with your Virtual Staff

Communicating with your virtual staff is a breeze with this tool. Dale uses it to communicate with his VA on a daily basis. He absolutely loves it and you will too! Find out what it is through our 52 Ways event.

46. Update yourself on the latest emerging trends and technology

One of the highlights of every Business Blueprint event is Dale’s Timely Tech, where he prepares a list of new and emerging trends and technology. You’ll be updated with exciting new apps and other techs that may help you in your business.

47. Embrace networking opportunities with like-minded business owners

Part of success is having a good network of people around you. Attending 52 Ways will open the doors for you to be part of this network. You might even meet potential business partners or clients there.

48. Become part of a community that supports each other

When you join 52 Ways and decide to sign up with Business Blueprint, you’ll gain more than just a network of potential business contacts. You’ll be part of a community of like-minded individuals who care for and support each other.

49. Get inspired by an education business that practices what they preach

Dale Beaumont and his team are firm believers in the adage “Practice what you preach”. What they teach is not just lip service. They walk the talk, too!

50. Meet a passionate driven team with a heart to help others

Behind every successful business is not just a great leader but also an equally awesome team with a heart to help. Dale and his team are completely hands on when it comes to helping. They not only tell you how they will also SHOW YOU HOW to do it through live examples.

51. Build a business that runs without you

One of the ways you can measure success is when your business is able to run even without you being there physically. This means you can go on holiday or business trips without worries. At 52 Ways, we’ll teach you how to run your business efficiently so you can spend more time working ON your business and not IN your business.

52. Design a life and business with purpose

Life is not just about business; it is also about purpose. Dale and his team will help you discover how to live life and work with purpose so you may also inspire others around you. In doing so, you have become the 52nd reason why people you know should attend 52 Ways.

Are you ready to let 52 Ways change your life and your business? Claim your free ticket now at 52Ways.com.

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