7 Ways to Find More Customers in Tough Times

We all know customers are the lifeblood of every business. Right now, unless you are in the toilet paper or surgical mask business, you are probably wondering, “Where did all my customers go?”

In this session, 19-times best-selling author and leading business coach Dale Beaumont will show you how to pivot your business and discover the best ways to find new customers.

Click the play button now to start attracting more leads.

This presentation will also help you to learn more about…

  • The number one question to ask before you market
  • How to use technology to re-engage with your clients
  • 4 ways to add more value for your existing customers
  • How to find high-quality leads for less than two dollars
  • How to apply the world’s simplest networking strategy

After watching the video, make sure to download this hand-drawn, illustrated notes of Dale’s session. This visual summary has been drawn with love and kindly donated by Paul Telling, founder of www.VisStorytellers.com.au.

What’s your biggest takeaway from this session? Let us know in the comments below. If you want to see more videos about content creation, cashflow management and human resources, stay tuned for our upcoming blogs.

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