A System for Success

What do you get when you combine two passionate business owners, a love of systems and a turbo-charged business education?

The answer is a very fast journey to business success.

Interestingly, Bec Wiles and Brenda Dolieslager were both independent business owners when they first met at Business Blueprint. They quickly realised they could join forces to create something mind-blowing, both for themselves and their customers.

We caught up with Bec recently to find out about the business she and Brenda now run together, The Systemologist.

“In our original companies, Brenda and I were both looking for ways to attract leads that lead to sales and we wanted to be in a community of like-minded business people,” explains Bec. This led them both to Business Blueprint and The Systemologist was formed to help other companies become more organised and efficient.

After meeting and joining forces, Bec and Brenda started The Systemologist in only six months, quickly getting up and running with their first testimonial customers, and paid customers onboard. Before long, the business had a stable of customers, both locally and from overseas.

Initially, Bec had some reservations about joining Business Blueprint. “I was concerned that we couldn’t put the practices in place, it may have been to B2B focused. Then I thought ‘what do I have to lose, just trust in the process’, so I did, and voila! We are seeing great results in all our businesses.”

“We have 3.5 full-time people working in the business now, and looking at growing this pretty soon. Our goal for 2019 is to increase our revenue by 400%,” says Bec.

For Bec and Brenda, being part of Business Blueprint has been key to their rapid growth. “We love the ideas, motivation, friendships, business partnerships, alliances, and accountability. It’s lonely at the top, and Business Blueprint helps us to feel like someone understands what we are doing and needing.”

As Bec explains, “You can’t be an expert in everything. Business Blueprint helps us to understand how to do it and then how to delegate it.”

Systemising success

As Bec explains, the goal she and Brenda share is to scale the business to a point where they don’t have to be involved in its day to day operation. They are on track to do so because of the guidance from Business Blueprint.

For Bec, being backed by Business Blueprint has meant being able to start the business from a strong position and stick to the core message.

“With starting the new business, we’ve been able to create a culture and vision right from day one. It’s what we’ve now based our branding on and our customers love it.”

“Without BB, we wouldn’t be in the position we are in now. We’re excited to join again next year and to join the conference in Singapore,” says Bec.

When sharing advice with other business owners, Bec has one question for them. “I ask people, what do you want to get out of a business coaching membership? You need to make the choice to do something different in your world, so what happens if you don’t make a change?”

A question well-worth considering!

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