An Essential Blueprint For An Essential Business

Despite a successful corporate career, Kacie La never felt fulfilled. The money was fine but working sixty hour weeks just wasn’t cutting it!

After returning to her job from maternity leave and commuting for three hours each day, Kacie realised enough was enough. Walking away from her comfortable, six-figure job, she began selling natural skin care supplies on eBay.

Fast-forward just a few short years and Kacie is now the owner of a wholesale company which is turning over 7 figures in revenue, with 10 full-time employees. She stocks over 260 lines of raw, natural ingredient products and has nearly 50,000 customers on her database.

N-essentials Aromatherapy and Essential Oils now gives Kacie the flexibility to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and she only works the hours she chooses.

Even with such incredible success, Kacie realised she could continue to improve efficiency, systems and profits. This led her to join Business Blueprint.

“In late 2018, I saw that one of my friends, who had recently started her own business, had ‘liked’ Business Blueprint’s 52 Ways ads. I half-heartedly decided to rock up to the 52 Ways one-day workshop in Nov 2018, just to see what was on offer”.

“I didn’t get my hopes up as my previous experiences with business education and business coaches were not up to my expectations and/or weren’t relevant to my online business. But by the end of the 52 Ways workshop, I was greatly inspired and motivated by the cutting edge content that was so relevant to my niche e-commerce business so I signed up for the 12-month program”.

Initially, Kacie felt some concerns about the cost of the 12-month program but she could see there was more than enough valuable, practical content to justify the cost in the long-term.

In the early months of being a member, Kacie has implemented systems in her business which remove room for errors, enables business processes to be outsourced and frees up so much time. Perhaps the biggest change has been diversifying N-essentials’ marketing investments for long-term sustainability, instead of just heavily investing in SEO marketing.

The N-essentials product range

With the insights she has gained from Business Blueprint, Kacie is set to further grow her customer base. The audience she works with are interested in organic, natural skincare and appreciate Kacie’s insights as a mother to children who have sensitive skin and allergies.

Her top sellers include:

In addition, N-essentials offers raw ingredients for those with skin conditions who wish to make their own products. Buyers can also access essential oils, body care base products, product packaging solutions.

From strength to strength

Outwardly, most would consider Kacie a successful business owner who doesn’t need the support of a personal business coach and community of other entrepreneurs.

However, the amount of relevant, latest and greatest business education all in one place means Kacie always has “light-bulb moments everywhere I look in the Business Blueprint community, forums and channels”.

“Small businesses who have run out of ideas to grow their business and those who find it hard to keep up with the latest trends in business practices would all benefit from joining Business Blueprint.”

With the guidance she has accessed at Business Blueprint, Kacie has started planning to redevelop her e-commerce website. She has also applied the concept of partnership marketing.

“For many years, we went through the hard yards of (unwittingly) applying the one-to-one service model. I now also appreciate the value of a CRM system and putting together and automating the lead funnel. We’ve got such a rich database that we haven’t optimally nurtured very well in the past but have now started to implement systems for,” explains Kacie.

To find more success with your business and get the most out of Business Blueprint, “you need to be open to new ideas and to be ready to put into practice the concepts and principles that you learn in the program.”

N-essentials now has its own warehouse. With Business Blueprint on its side, the business’s product range and customer-base will continue to grow and bring rewards.

If you’d like to find out more about partnering with N-Essentials, please visit this link: Click Here

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