From the outside looking in, to some people, Facebook might look like an overnight success. And for others, especially millennials, the Social Media platform has always been a household name. But both statements are far from the truth.

Let me tell you that everything that Facebook does is strategic, and this includes who they allow to invest into their company, and who they partner with as VC Firms and Investors.

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We are all searching for the Holy Grail of apps! You know, the one little square on your smartphone that will open up a world of productivity and efficiency, and will order you a pepperoni pizza and some garlic bread while it’s at it.

I recently discovered a standout app which is actually having a real impact on the time I spend communicating with my staff. It’s improving our efficiency as a team and helping us to get on with our work faster than ever.

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One of the fastest ways to scale a business is to get yourself out of it as soon as you can.

Now the only way you can achieve that is by putting some systems in place so that others know what’s in your head! This tool is exactly what you need to map out your systems and make it easy for anyone to follow.

Watch the latest video from Dale and learn how to create amazing flowcharts, systems and processes in your business.

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