How “Technology 4 Hotels” Hit Their First Million Dollars

Sometimes all it takes to open your mind to endless possibilities is one invite that will change your life forever. This is what happened to Brendon Granger when he accepted an email invite from Dale Beaumont to his Cash Flow Injection conference.

Brendon owns Technology 4 Hotels, which supplies high-end 5-star hotels with in-room technology. He was blown away by what he learned from Dale. He was convinced more than ever that he needed to change the way he ran things within his business.

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The Perfect Vehicle to Grow Your Business

It’s easy enough to say you want to change things in your business but the challenge is how to run it and make it work. Brendon found Business Blueprint to be the perfect vehicle to guide him as he grew his business.

“What it taught me was that I needed to focus,” he explained. He took advantage of the 4 annual live events, webinars, business consultants and step-by-step training videos that came with his membership to upgrade his knowledge on new marketing strategies.

He developed an expert profile and learned how to use a project management system. This helped him systemise his business and started documenting his processes on Google Sites so he could pass tasks to other people.

Outsourcing and Email Marketing

Once Brendon got his processes documented, it was time for the next step: hiring virtual assistants.

Outsourcing allowed him to save on labour costs yet maintain a high standard of quality. Brendon put the virtual assistant in charge of day-to-day things that he previously did. “The quality of work is fantastic,” he revealed enthusiastically.

Apart from hiring virtual assistants, Brendon also sent out a newsletter to his customers every fortnight, which helped him establish an expert profile. When he goes to trade shows and meets people for the first time, he’s already developed a rapport prior due to his fortnightly communication with them.

“They feel like there’s no need for a couple of years because I’ve been talking to them every fortnight,” he shared.

From $100,000 to Over $1,000,000 Turnover

The number and the level of customers that Brendon deals with increased dramatically. People were now asking to be added to his newsletter subscription list, which he thinks is a wonderful thing.

Before Business Blueprint, Brendon revealed that the hotel site earned around $100,000 a year. Within 12 months, the results have been incredible.

“In the last financial year, we reached over a million dollars in turnover.”

Due to the massive change in his business, and amazing results, Brendon and his wife achieved what they had always wanted: a business that runs without them. Their family went on a trip to Fiji, which was the first international Blueprint conference they attended.

For the next conference, Brendon went to Thailand and did volunteer work at an orphanage. He rode a 500-kilometer charity bike ride and also sponsored a child. “We’ve taken on as a family Hands Across The Water as our charity.”

Worth the Investment

When people find out that Brendon renewed his Business Blueprint membership again, they’re quick to comment, “Wow, you’ve been with them for years. Haven’t you learned everything?”

Brendon’s equally quick reply is ‘No.’ He always walks away with one or two nuggets of information from every conference he goes to. When friends ask him, “how do you know all this stuff?”

His response is a simple invitation. “Come along to Business Blueprint and you can learn too!”

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