Business Blueprint: What A Year!

It is almost time to say goodbye to 2019 and an entire decade! The past twelve months have been huge for us as we have hit some major milestones and launched some exciting new projects.

There have been so many highlights, it is almost impossible to list them all. These are some of our biggest achievements over the past twelve months.

Our Best Year EVER

2019 saw more Business Blueprint members as part of the family than ever before. We have spent time with business owners from all around Australia, including as far away as Darwin and Hobart. It’s also so exciting to have so many friends from New Zealand joining us in Sydney every three months.

Great New Location

This year, Business Blueprint conferences for Elite and FastTrack members were held at our new event location in Randwick.

Over the past twelve months, we have been able to enjoy this venue with its great proximity to the airport, accommodation options and plenty of good cheap eats!

It has been a pleasure to see Fibonacci Coffee at each event, serving coffee and snacks to raise money for a good cause. Plus a big shout out to our yoga and pilates instructors for helping us to start each day the right way.

So many incredible speakers have joined our events in 2019 and we have loved hearing from every one of them.

The $2 Million Milestone

While it is always great to have new members, giving back is a big part of what we do at Business Blueprint.

This is why it was such a great feeling to find out we have now raised over $2 million for Hands Across the Water. This charity does amazing work on behalf of orphaned children in Thailand and we never would have reached our fundraising milestone without the support of our members.

We will be cycling across Thailand again in 2020 to keep the momentum going and hit our new target of $3 million.

If you’re interested in supporting this amazing cause, check out:

THAT Party

Business Blueprint launched in November 2019 with a pretty big vision for the future. Since that time, we have achieved so much and more. What better way to celebrate than with a huge event for past and present members?

Our 10 year anniversary party was such a thrill… and one of the best events we have ever hosted. With live music, great food and an incredible atmosphere, it will be remembered for a long time.

[email protected]

After ten years, many people started asking, what’s next?

The great news is that Business Blueprint is going strong, with no plans to slow down. We are still accepting new FastTrack members and supporting our existing BB-ers with incredible content including tech tools, webinars, blueprints, personal coaching and more.

The even better news is we launched [email protected] in 2019. This is a brand new project with a big new vision: to help consultants, trainers and business coaches to reach as many people as possible.

[email protected] was created to help even more business owners discover how to make every year their best year ever. Our first series of events attracted interest from around the country and we can’t wait to help more coaches ramp up their reach in 2020.

Check out more info at

Happy new year!

We have huge things in store for the next twelve months and can’t wait to share them all with you. Whether it is at 52 Ways, at a BB conference or at [email protected], we’re looking forward to seeing you and sharing in your success.

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