Business Blueprint’s Million-Dollar Man

As CEO of Transformational Group, Kelvin Holliday has 30 years experience leading teams.

Over the course of his career, he has developed the tools, systems and partnerships that accelerate team culture and take organisational strengths to a whole new level.

The organisations and industries Kelvin have shared the secrets and key influences of leadership and team building with include Business Enterprise Centres, Alliance Insurance, Training Services NSW, Samaritans, Catholic Care, and more.

Having been recognised in the top 10 professionals for leadership and Team systems Internationally by Fox, ABS NBC and CBS, and as a #1 best selling author, Kelvin is passionate and motivated to share his experiences and expertise.

Despite his successful career, five years ago Kelvin started looking for support to “find out what I didn’t know”, and came across Business Blueprint.

“It really stood out,” says Kelvin, who joined as a FastTrack member not long after.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Kelvin has one million reasons to be grateful for that decision.

Early Days With Business Blueprint

As Kelvin explains, the first year of his membership was “about planting the seeds.”

“I knew I needed more, but I had to plant the seeds and wait for them to grow.”

The ‘seeds’ Kelvin is talking about include creating cash flow, implementing systems and optimising online so his business was able to run more smoothly and operate without him. The strategies he mastered showed him how to grow his business the smart way, without working more hours or burning out.

Becoming Elite

It wasn’t till Kelvin progressed to become an Elite member that those seeds began to sprout.

“Things took off!” he says.

Over the next five years, the Business Blueprint experience kept getting better for Kelvin. “I love the community and it’s a big part of why I keep coming back,” he shares.

“You start to get some very special relationships and the content becomes more relevant. The longer you stay in the Elite program, the more you learn.”

Kelvin’s Big News

Catching up with our team at a recent conference, Kelvin explained the real payoff of being part of Business Blueprint and continually working to build his business.

“I’ve sold for $1 million!” he smiled, “And the money just hit my bank account.”

As Kelvin explains, “None of this would have happened without Business Blueprint.”

Having learned how to get systems in place for a good return, Kelvin planned a year in advance before selling his business.

“Before I joined, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know,” he says. “I stuck around to expand my mind and I’m pretty excited about where it has led me!”

Thinking of Joining?

From Kelvin’s perspective, joining Business Blueprint and carrying on as an Elite member is a no-brainer.

“FastTrack is great but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. With Elite, you can expand and unleash the full potential of learning, then start to implement.”

As Kelvin explains, things don’t really start to happen until the second or third year. His advice: “Stop thinking about it and just do it!”

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