Crazy Rich Australasians in Singapore

One of the biggest perks of being an Elite Business Blueprint member is our annual conference, which is held at a different overseas destination every year.

We invite all Elite members who have been with Business Blueprint for 2 years or more to attend our conference for a few days of workshopping their business, gaining amazing inspiration from each other and learning from incredible experts across all things business related.

Coming away for conference gives our members some time out from their day-to-day and allows them to set goals and priorities. They can also discover new ways to make their business grow.

In April, 106 Business Blueprint members downed tools to head to Singapore as a bunch of ‘Crazy Rich Australasians’. The theme for our final party night related to the film ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, as Singapore is where last year’s smash hit movie was set.

Some of the highlights of this event included:

At the end of the day, we’re not so crazy. Investing in ourselves and our businesses so we can achieve the knowledge we need to achieve our goals is probably the most level-headed thing you can do. However, reaching for the stars does take a little bit of craziness, especially when people tell you the things you want are impossible.

When it comes to being rich, this is certainly a goal for Elite members at Business Blueprint. The thing is, once you reach a financial level which means your family is provided for and your future is secure, the way you look at wealth tends to change.

We see ourselves as rich in experience, friendship and motivation. For many of us, the ultimate reward of our efforts to grow our business comes from being able to pay other people a living wage and offer them excellent working conditions. Business Blueprint members are also extremely generous, leveraging their business success to pledge thousands of dollars for charity.

Another aspect which is a truly compelling reason to be part of Business Blueprint and attend the international conference is the way ‘Australasians’ is one of the only words that can be used to collectively describe all our members.

We come from all manner of cultural backgrounds, walks of life and industries. From young members who are running their first startup to business veterans who never want to stop learning, we’re a diverse bunch.

The common thread amongst Elite BB members at the conference was the desire to support each other and grow together. The conversations were non-stop in Singapore as members shared tips, offered advice and came up with amazing new ideas.

Each delegate left the conference buzzing with plans for success in the twelve months to come.

We’re already planning next year’s event! Will you be joining us?

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