Five Reasons to Use Fiverr

If you had realised how long your to-do list would become when you started running your own business, would you have taken on the challenge?

Maybe… but then again, maybe not.

So many business owners get caught up with running their own show that they forget to hire a cast and crew. Others want to hire help but either can’t finance the investment or don’t need people on board full time.

The solution to being so busy you don’t have time to even scratch yourself is to outsource small jobs to a huge community of ready-and-waiting freelancers on Fiverr.

Here’s how Fiverr works:

First, sign up. It’s easy and free.

Next, take a look through the categories and find a seller who suits your needs. You can filter by location, price, delivery time, seller rating and language.

Then check out the seller’s past work, samples and pricing. You can also look at their profile to see reviews from other users.

Once you find a ‘job’ you like, it’s easy to place an order and request delivery within a set time frame. When you pay, there will be an additional fee of around five per cent on top of what you promise the freelancer.

Now, not all jobs on Fiverr cost $5. And the reality of life is you get what you pay for. So a $5 logo for your brand probably won’t set your world on fire. But a $50 logo (or even one for $200), created from a specific brief, could be perfect. And you have saved yourself a few hundred dollars.

Here are five reasons to use Fiverr

1. Quick, Simple Graphics For Your Business

With the holiday season coming up, perhaps you would like to design and distribute a celebratory card. It’s not that hard to throw something together using Photoshop or Canva, but it’s another job which you need to find the time for.

Outsource to Fiverr (this one won’t cost much) and you can have a lovely looking e-card which reflects your business and shares a personal message with your customer base to round off the year.

2. Written Content In A Flash

Again, you get what you pay for, but finding a writer to produce blogs, email marketing or lead magnets can be easy on Fiverr.

Once you have found a reliable and cost-effective writer to suit your needs, you can look into setting up an ongoing relationship and having content delivered monthly or quarterly. That’s your blogging box ticked!

3. Video Ads

Wouldn’t an educational video look great on your site? Customers could watch it and find out everything they need to know in less than 90 seconds. You could even share the clip on social media to drive more traffic to your website.

Gee, if only you knew how to pull together this type of thing without spending hours fiddling around with video editing software!

Hang on a minute… what if you paid someone just a couple of hundred dollars to do this for you? Posting it on your site could improve conversions and bring in more business.

4. Web Analytics

You wish you could track how your site is performing in detail and really get to the nitty gritty of improving it… but again, there’s that time issue. There are a lot of other jobs waiting for your attention.

On Fiverr, you can find someone to set up your online analytics, review your site’s performance and make recommendations about how to improve your layout, design and usability.

5. Make Money!

If you can share your services online, why not set up your own profile on Fiverr? You’ve got nothing to lose as you can set your price based on what you currently charge. It may surprise you how many people choose to work with the more expensive providers because they don’t want to compromise on quality.

When you’re using this platform, keep in mind that people often come and go. Someone who is available one week may be gone a week later so it tends to work best for one-off jobs. However, for those little tasks that really need doing and can make a big difference to your business performance, Fiverr can make a big difference.

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