From Stay-at-home Mum To Business Mogul

Many of our Business Blueprint members come to us after years in business, because even though they are successful, they know there is a better way to do things.

Some members, however, join with little more than the conviction that they want to achieve a great deal in a short amount of time.

This was certainly the case for Marika Fotheringham, who became a BB member after only having owned her business for two months! What’s more, she had been out of the workforce for over a decade before that.

Marika took over MediNat, a Drug Testing Kit and Breathalyser supplier business, as she wanted something that could scale in a growing industry. Having done her research, she wanted a quality product to distribute and initially sought out something small in size, so she could limit storage costs.

“After not working for 15 years while I started a family, I had not been in a business environment and knew little about the industry I was entering, and the intricacies of marketing, sales, and delivery,” says Marika. “During the early days, I felt totally out of my depth and had nights with tears of despair. Only nine months later, I understand my P&L, I know my products and I am so much more knowledgeable about my industry.”

Marika’s turning point came when she joined Business Blueprint. “Given I hadn’t ever operated a business, or in fact worked in a distribution business, and then being out of the workforce for 15 years, my husband actually registered me on the Business Blueprint to learn from the start how best to operate and grow a business.”

Marika showed up for her first fast-track conference without any real knowledge of what to expect. “I thought it was going to be a conference with a lot of “You can do it” and “We’re here for you” without a lot of substance to the content,” she confesses. “I think within the first session, that impression was quickly changed! I also initially thought given my lack of experience and business acumen and given I had only been operating for two months, I would not be able to gain a lot from attending, as I needed to know the basics.”

Fast-track to Growth

Marika is an example of how applying practical information can enable any business to take off.

“When I purchased the business, it was very much a home run eCommerce operation. MediNat has now moved to commercial premises and fully rebranded. I have overhauled the IT system to Google, introduced Google Sites, and systems are being reviewed and documented,” she shares. “Since joining Business Blueprint, I have upgraded the eCommerce platform to better use the CRM and improve the customer experience, and I have introduced a Sales Agency structure.”

For Marika, working on my business operations during the sessions at the Business Blueprint Conferences has been a highlight. “These events do not take not a “sit and listen” approach. The benefit of working on something while you are there makes the information all more real and meaningful.”

“Plus, the work you’d normally have to introduce when you get back to your office after a conference has already been done. Having access to a mentor to ask even the most basic of questions is brilliant and very comforting, and I really enjoy being able to rewatch the many webinars and presentations.”

MediNat’s future is looking exciting. “Now that the infrastructure is in place for growth, our focus is to totally build the MediNat brand nationally and internationally. I want customers who need products and supplies for workplace drug and alcohol testing to think of MediNat immediately. My business will also be a sought after company to work for.” says Marika.

The Business Blueprint Difference

Marika has recommended Business Blueprint to her friends who are running their own business, or even some who are working for mid-sized companies that are needing to move ahead and make some changes before they can grow.

“I have encouraged them to join, not just for hearing about the best and latest way to market or operate, but for the feeling of complete support you get from the other Business Blueprint members. It’s an amazing feeling being in a room with so many people who are facing similar issues to you, or have done so in the past, and therefore understand the frustrations of running your own business. The camaraderie from everyone is very reassuring.”

For many business owners, being self-employed means you are never truly ‘off-the-clock’. Marika has seen the light and is looking forward to the freedom a successful business provides. “If you want to be working “on the business” and not “in the business”, you need to do Business Blueprint, otherwise you’ll never take a stress-free holiday again!”

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