How Bondi Chai Is Going Sky High

“Just a quick note of sincere thanks for all your efforts, input and insights that made last week’s conference such a memorable event for Melissa and I.”

This feedback was shared by Bondi Chai business owners Martin and Melissa Buggy after they attended Business Blueprint’s quarterly conference on ‘Optimising Online’ in May 2019.

For four days, attendees at this event brainstormed, discovered and were walked through the smartest ways to improve their digital presence. This meant learning how to ramp up the design of their website, how to write copy that has the user desperate to buy and how to attract more traffic from Google.

Each strategy shared at the event is practical and doesn’t take hours of time or hundreds of dollars. Many are even free to get started with, for example setting up a YouTube channel and adding your videos to your website (hint: Google loves this!).

As Martin shared after the event, “I was enthralled, entertained, educated and energised throughout the whole four days. Apparently, my Aquarian-ism imbues me with a ‘child-like awe with the world’ so it’s not hard to get my attention, but retaining it – for a whole four days – is another matter! You did an awesome job.”

About Bondi Chai

While many business owners who come to Business Blueprint and our free business workshop 52 Ways are just getting started, there are a number who are well-established businesses.

This is the case for Bondi Chai. The company was established over 15 years ago by Martin and his partner Melissa after they realised there was nowhere in Australia to buy simple-to-use chai latte mix. As the PR and marketing experts shared, “Selling an unknown product with a weird name (“chai what!?”) to an industry we knew nothing about – and that didn’t want to know us – was incredibly difficult, and very frustrating. But we still thought it was a good idea and after three years of persistence our US import began to get some traction.”

“Then came our next major challenge – our US supplier sold their brand and Australia was scratched from the new owner’s plans, leaving us with no chai latte and some very upset customers! It took about one minute to decide to create our own brand but about 12 months to get it ready for launch – in June, 2005 – much of that time being spent on developing our recipes.”

Martin and Melissa have been on quite the journey and now anyone can enjoy a Bondi Chai Latte in places as far apart as Kathmandu and Katoomba, Amsterdam and Armadale, Launceston and London.

Bondi Chai is surfing to success

Despite their business prowess, Martin and Melissa are keen to discover what’s next and to make sure they are on top of the new best practices and technology which are entering the market. This was what led them to 52 Ways.

After attending the free business workshop Martin says, “We signed up, without hesitation, to (Business Blueprint), having never heard of Dale or his programs before.”

Since then, Martin and Melissa have been “Super-impressed with everything we’ve now seen. It’s a genuine pleasure to be a part of the BB team.”

Perhaps what has stood out for the pair is that Business Blueprint’s Dale Beaumont is genuinely interested in each business owner and their goals. He takes the time to speak with everyone who wants a minute of his time and to make a true connection.

Martin describes Dale’s approach as an “Obvious desire to ‘go above and beyond’ in delivering critically important material in a simple, ‘paint-by-numbers’ format.”

Even though he has an established business, Martin can see the value in being part of Business Blueprint. “The conference program itself is outstanding and I would happily recommend membership to anyone – whether already in business or just contemplating the move (e.g. my 30-something kids).”

After their first Business Blueprint conference, the Bondi Chai business-couple is looking forward to the impact that the guidance and help of Business Blueprint will have. This includes on Martin and Melissa’s business and also their lives.

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