How Ema Cregeen Launched A Golden Product Amid COVID-19

With the changes that came with a global pandemic, many companies postponed product launches and put off marketing efforts. However, one of our Business Blueprint members Ema Cregeen is pressing ahead. Recently, Ema released a brand new product for her business Gold Emotion.

Prior to COVID-19, Ema was selling a selection of products with 24K gold flakes designed and made in France. With the onset of the pandemic, importing her products became too difficult.

“The importing and the postage was just a bit of a pain,” remembers Ema. “It was taking ages and very expensive.”

Taking a step back

Undeterred, Ema took some time off to think about her business and how she can adapt to her current situation. “I didn’t just want to give up on my business because I’m too invested in it.”

After taking a step back, Ema came back with a clear mind and a new idea to expand her product line. “I thought of an idea to come up with a product that is made here in Australia. What could go with champagne? And I know that there’s a vodka from Smirnoff that already has the gold flakes in it, but there’s not a gin like that.”

A Golden Elixir

This time, rather than importing products from France, Ema decided to come up with a product that would support the local production and hopefully help with her business as well.

Ema worked tirelessly conducting due diligence, perfecting her new product and finding the right local producer.

“Another thing I had to do and probably the hardest one is going to Dan Murphy’s, buy a lot of different gins, try them all and then Google all the ingredients so that I would learn what taste I actually want. There are thousands of botanicals that you can put into different gin so you have to just be quite specific and break it down into what type of flavour you want.”

After six weeks, Ema has produced a brand new product called The Pure Gold Gin.

This golden elixir is a premium Australian botanical gin distilled by an award-winning producer in Melbourne. The gin displays lifted floral and citrus aromas. The palate is smooth and fruity with complex notes of citrus, spice and pepper.

During her first round of production, Ema was able to sell 200 bottles and she’s now pulling another 300 bottles to supply to other stores. The Pure Gold Gin was even featured as ‘Gin of the Month of December’ by The Gin Boutique, Australia’s hub for craft gin.

The Gold Emotion Product Range

Aside from the gin, Gold Emotion also offers…

  • Sparkling wines
  • Gold cigar
  • Perfume
  • Scented candle
  • Scented macaroon soaps

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Never Give Up

When asked what this journey has taught her, Ema said, “I learned that if you just put your mind to something that you know, it’s actually not that difficult to do and the feeling that you get from it after it’s created.”

“During the whole lockdown when I was in a rut, rather than put pressure on myself to sell more, I just said to myself that I’m just going to focus on growing the brand in a way where people will recognise it and not even focus on any profits.”

The Business Blueprint Experience

With the insights she has gained from Business Blueprint, Ema is set to further grow her business and brand. Right now it’s your turn to level up your business. Just like what Ema did, you need to step up, pivot and offer something new to your customers.

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