How Josh Martin’s Business Became #1 in Australia

“I would have no hesitation in recommending your firm to friends and family.”

This is just one of close to 200 customer recommendations for Josh Martin’s Victoria-based business AGG Doors. Thanks to this glowing feedback and the others like it, AGG Doors is the most reviewed Australian company of its kind on Google Reviews (and other review sites) and has a near-perfect star rating.

By building up his reputation on Google and taking several other steps to improve his systems and business practices, over recent years Josh has been able to purchase a factory and expand their services to include both residential and commercial clients.

He now operates alongside a dedicated team in both Melbourne as well as in the Philippines and, perhaps most importantly, has been able to increase revenue by almost 300 per cent.

From basic beginnings to a business bonanza

AGG Doors was started back in 1999, with a simple desire to achieve personal and financial freedom.

As well as providing professional on-site service that specialises in anything to do with garage doors and gates, Josh set a company mandate to always look to improve in all areas, including customer service, sales, repairs, and installations.

After doing some business studies early on in his career, Josh realised that the principles of a successful business apply to almost any industry. He signed up for a ‘Business Growth Workshop’ with Dale Beaumont and Business Blueprint and, in his words, “things went from there.”

By becoming a Business Blueprint member and signing up for an initial 12-month program, Josh was able to access thousands of hours of content and years of collective business knowledge. This has helped him achieve his coveted ‘top-rated’ status on Google.

“I think the biggest benefit of the Business Blueprint Program is the collective wealth of knowledge you gain access to. You have hundreds of people to bounce ideas off and give feedback and suggestions. We’ve had some incredible wins based on ideas from other members on top of the support we gain from the Business Blueprint staff,” says Josh.

Within the first year of becoming a Business Blueprint member, AGG Doors had increased equity by an incredible 985 per cent. It’s no wonder he has remained part of the BB ‘family’ since then!

Great teams deliver great results

Ever humble, Josh credits the professionalism and expertise of his team for helping AGG Doors achieve its five-star rating.

However, it is his business knowledge and his commitment to excellence across all areas of his business which empowers his team to be the best.

For other business owners, Josh’s advice is to, “hire great people and equip them with the knowledge, systems, and trust to allow them to become great staff.”

Josh also recommends business owners know their numbers inside and out. “Knowing how much you need to earn, how much you have earned and how much you are projected to earn at any given moment will help you make the best decisions for your business,” says Josh.

Opening the door to an exciting future
As the owner of a multi-award winning business, Josh is excited to continue to reach new heights.

“We’re looking to continue to grow and expand our ability to service more customers all over Melbourne. We will also widen our scope of services so we can offer our customers complete access and security solutions,” he shares.

When it comes to business owners who are wondering if they should invest in business education and coaching, Josh has some clear advice.

“Education tends to be less expensive than the mistakes you make without it. If you are really, really serious about your business, investing in yourself will be the best money you will ever spend.”

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