How Lease1 Became #1

Twenty years ago, entrepreneur Phil Chapman noticed a gap in the market and decided to do something about it.

He set up Lease1 to help retail business owners negotiate a better deal for their shop leases. Phil’s motivation was to level the playing field between large shopping centres and business owners.

Things progressed well for Phil and before long his business was achieving a strong turnover. Lease1 is now endorsed by Australia’s peak Retailer Associations, including the Australian Retailer Association, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the Franchise Council and Restaurant & Caterers Association. Phil himself has also been responsible for delivering effective change to Retail Lease legislation in each State and Territory.

“On behalf of clients, we are most proud to state we save them in excess of $20 million through reduced rents and added business value year on year,” says Phil.

However, a few years back Phil realised his successful business could be doing better. “I was struggling to reposition my business to be efficient and still deliver a higher level of service, and wasn’t getting any cut through with my team in the process,” Phil explains.

“I knew business wasn’t meant to be this hard. My company was drowning in costs and crippled with staff who were not motivated. I was running out of steam to find a better way and remain profitable.”

Time for a new Blueprint

It was around this time Phil came across Business Blueprint and small business coach Dale Beaumont.

“After purchasing Dale’s book series and reading the first two, I found myself wanting to know more. I registered for a New Rules of Business one-day workshop (now 52 Ways), and before Dale had got to the break I was down the back of the room signing up. Everything he showed us on the day rang a bell in each area of my business and my life.” explains Phil.

Having a large and sometimes complicated business meant the results weren’t instant for Phil when he joined Business Blueprint.

“It has been a three-year process to completely restructure every facet of my business. I entered the program with five Staff in the office and three VAs, and was barely meeting the wage bill each week.” says Phil.

While turnover for Lease1 looked impressive, the cost to the run the business was driving Phil towards closing down. But three years later, “I have no staff in the office, five VAs and the most up to date systems and software that allow me to deliver more benefits to our clients more quickly. I also have a payment plan that has reinvented cash flow.”

Interestingly, for Lease1, sales have dropped by 20 per cent, however, Phil has been able to reduce costs by over 60 per cent.

“Profit has tripled, as has my ability to have 12 weeks holidays a year (school holidays with the family are already booked for the next 2 years)” shares Phil.

How Business Blueprint makes a difference

For Phil, the major benefit of joining Business Blueprint was instilling accountability and consistency to achieve goals through 90 Day Action Plan and Vision reviews.

“Business Blueprint is the Harvard Business School for the experienced business owners and those wanting to start and operate a profitable business the right way. Personally, aside from the changes my family and the freedom of running a truly anywhere business, it is the friendships created with my BB colleagues and the support each contributes that I appreciate.”

“The real benefit of all this is that running a small business of my own is no longer on my own.” states Phil.

Phil’s tips for business owners

For Phil, the main beneficiary of joining Business Blueprint has been his family, which is why he recommends it to other business owners.

“You deserve to invest at least one day in yourself to see how good things can be. Register to 52 Ways, even if you have to travel to get there. You, your family and your business will benefit.”

“I recommend the program to everyone who I see struggling with the same issues as I did. Business Blueprint doesn’t just tell how, it shows you how, gives you the tools and then supports your journey.”

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