How Michelle’s Cosmetics Company ‘Popped’ To The Top

One of the most exciting things about business is the potential to find incredible success at any age, in any industry.

All it takes is determination, resilience, a plan and an unwavering desire to achieve your goals.

Michelle Young is one entrepreneur who has never let the small things get in the way of her big plans. As the founder of POP UP Cosmetics, she has experienced considerable success by sharing cut-price cosmetics with a market of eager buyers.

Michelle started POP UP Cosmetics with just one ‘travelling’ store. Now, she is running four concurrent sales across Sydney Metro and has plans to expand nationally. Her business has grown from one staff member to 17 over this period of time. Thanks to her innovative business model, Michelle’s company was also named as a State Finalist in the Telstra Business Awards.

Here’s a Q&A on Michelle’s journey and her best-practice secrets to small business success:

What do you love most about running a business?

For me, business is about having a creative outlet and being strategic. I love waking up each morning and being creatively inspired, knowing we can introduce any element to the business to make it a better experience for our customers and create growth for the company.

My mind is easily stimulated and I am never short of ideas. It is the lack of time to implement the ideas that frustrate me the most!

Each day, the team at head office and I work on strategy and growth. We have a constant focus on our customer experience and on delivering quality cosmetics at prices that are affordable to everyone. To keep the business on track to achieve our goals, I have five major projects that I give particular focus to each quarter.

How did POP UP Cosmetics come to be?

POP UP Cosmetics was launched as a retail extension of a wholesale cosmetic company I started 12 years ago called The Cosmetic Department. I started the business after a trip to the United States where I was shocked at how much we pay for cosmetics in Australia in comparison.

We started wholesaling to pharmacies and other retail stores and this has evolved into running POP UP Cosmetic sales across Sydney. At the pop-up sales, we open up our wholesale prices to the public and make brand name cosmetics available to everyone at up to 85 per cent off normal store prices. Women love getting cosmetics at prices that are not available anywhere else.

How did you hear about Business Blueprint?

I have attended a lot of business development programs over the past 12 years, so when the option to attend 52 Ways appeared on Facebook, I jumped at the chance to learn more skills.

I attended the one-day event and was so impressed, I signed up for my first year of Business Blueprint on the spot.

Why did you decide to join?

To be honest, I did hesitate over joining as I didn’t want to cover the same information that I had already paid for at other business programs, including Tony Robbins Business Mastery.

However, after speaking with one of the consultants, I was re-assured Business Blueprint is like no other business program. I trusted the consultant, and because I was impressed with the level of value that was given on the free day event, I signed up for the program.

Although I have learnt so much at other business programs, Business Blueprint is unique. The program shares practical, hands-on ways to immediately implement what you have learnt into your business.

How has your business changed since joining Business Blueprint?

When I was starting out, I did all the advertising and marketing, however, I now utilise experts in online digital marketing and social media who use highly targeted and specific strategies to help bring customers into our stores. Once you can afford to, it is best to hire trusted experts, so that you can again refocus on further growth strategies.

Through our systems, our social media campaigns and email databases, we are able to grow our customer base by five-ten per cent every week. This brings more and more local customers in-store each time our sale returns.

POP UP Cosmetics has grown very quickly but in a stable and healthy way. As well as being named as a finalist in the Telstra Small Business Awards, we also launched our own private label cosmetics brand, which manufactures high-quality cosmetics to be sold at affordable prices.

What do you like most about the Business Blueprint program?

I love the four-day conferences and the leading edge skills I learn from key experts. This helps me stay informed of the latest technology and the best strategies I should be using in my business.

I also love the expertise of the community group, where there are so many other business owners who can offer their advice and experience for any challenges and situations that arise. Everyone is so helpful and generous with their knowledge.

What is the biggest takeaway from Business Blueprint you would like to share with other business owners?

The most important lesson I have learnt is the power of systems. We have an online operations manual that runs our entire business, both in our pop up stores as well as our head office. Installing this has enabled me to remove myself, hire staff and expand much more rapidly.

What’s your advice to people thinking of joining Business Blueprint?

Joining Business Blueprint is an investment in your business success, which will transform your business into what you have always known that it is capable of. I don’t have any regrets, and I don’t think that there would be a single member who hasn’t expanded their business or regained control of their life through the teachings, practical advice and skills that are taught by Dale and his team.

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