How Teamwork Will Make Your Team Work

These days, most companies are able to offer at least some degree of flexibility to desk-based staff, meaning they can work from home or even different countries and still be productive.

However, it can be a challenge to keep in touch and track projects when people are geographically distant.

This is where Teamwork comes in, and we don’t mean in the traditional sense of the word.

Our Teamwork is software designed to help your team to work at its best.

Teamwork Makes Your Team Work

Teamwork runs three different products to help your business with communication and project management. Each product is designed to integrate seamlessly with your workplace, no matter what your industry.

Get started with Teamwork Chat, which is not only highly user-friendly but free to make the most of. This instant messaging system can be used from any browser or device and your team can do a lot of things with it, including:

  • Sharing attachments
  • Searching conversation history
  • Chatting with groups of two or more

Often, a simple ‘ping’ using Teamwork Chat can save the time of a phone call or text message conversation, and you can chat in real-time.

Teamwork’s Simple Project Management Software

The next level is Teamwork’s top-notch project management software, which can be used to track your projects from start to finish. With Teamwork, you can assign tasks and work collaboratively. It’s also easy to share updates on projects from your email, meaning far less back and forth between tabs on your screen. When you set tasks, you can also give deadlines so your project is kept on track.

With one glance at your Teamwork dashboard, you can see what tasks need your attention and when they are due. Once you have completed your part of the project, a single click will mark it as done.

This smart software is cloud-based so you won’t have to take up memory space on your team’s computers. Being accessed via the cloud means you can log in from any device, at any time. In today’s increasingly flexible workplace, this is another bonus, especially if you accidentally leave your laptop on the plane/at work/at home.

Teamwork is easy to get used to for staff who are familiar with working across different types of software. It allows users to respond by replying to an email, saving them the hassle of logging in to answer a quick question.

Feedback on Teamwork on includes:

  • “Teamwork Makes Managing My Teams Easy. If 5 Employees Save One Minute Per Day, I Get My Money Back”
  • “This product has made my life so much easier”
  • “Easy to Use and Continually Evolving”
  • “Overall Teamwork is very easy to use. A lot of features and options to easily manage projects.”

Teamwork Desk

The final feature many businesses find invaluable, in particular those with large customer bases is Teamwork Desk.

Teamwork Desk is customer-centric helpdesk software that lets you put people first. It gives you all the features you need like shared inboxes, help docs, priority tickets, collision detection, canned responses, customer happiness surveys, and productivity indicators to enable your team to keep customers at the heart of everything you do.

Teamwork Desk also sends replies to customers in the form of ordinary emails, not those all-too-obvious forms which you often get in your inbox. This helps your customer feel more personally cared for.

As Teamwork shares, “Your customer portal is a single destination for your customers to find answers, get help, and track their tickets. It’s completely customisable, so you can make it to match your company’s branding and your customers will feel at home.”

Teamwork Desk users say the following on

“Teamworkdesk + Teamwork = win”

“Excellent support desk – Affordable pricing model”

“Our business is built on Teamwork!”

“Very useful with easy to understand interface”

All these tools can be a game-changer, creating a far more efficient team who are able to communicate seamlessly. Why not give it a try today?

Check out the features and pricing by visiting the Teamwork webpage.

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