How Tess Walls Is Doing Beautiful Business

Many business owners get a huge surprise when they realise how quickly Business Blueprint helps them take huge strides towards a successful business.

A case in point is Tess Walls, who has recently joined us as a member. Tess’s business Germaine De Capuccini distributes products to beauty salons around Australia.

“I was working for another skincare distributor and I heard a statistic that shocked the socks off me: that more than 70 per cent of beauty salons that open will close their doors within the first three years.” says Tess, “This inspired me to set up a skincare distribution company that was more than just an amazing product!! We wanted to be a company that took an interest in people’s businesses and helped them understand the value of three key areas:

  • That retail is not a “dirty” word and prescribing to their clients was their professional
  • That upselling could increase their profits and give better client experiences
  • Simple systems help increase profits and let them have a business they can enjoy

After starting her business 12 years ago, Tess has grown from nothing to seeing her products sold in more than 140 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Having achieved a great level of success, she came across Business Blueprint and realised it was exactly what she needed to take her operation to the next level. At her first 52 Ways event, Tess was struck by the practical nature of the systems, the real-life stories from other business owners and the genuine desire to help of the team.

The journey continues

Since joining Business Blueprint, Tess has been able to fast-track the growth of her business. In just nine months, her list of achievements is incredibly impressive, and includes:

  • Learning to create her own videos and make training videos that have result in a growth in sales
  • Creating a 90 day action plan and implementing it with every team member
  • Doubling her sales team
  • Increasing her profits
  • Reducing her staff turnover
  • Setting up clear B2B and B2C paths on her website, with sales offers for both.
  • Increasing her new business opening order rate from one or two per month to nine
  • Launching a new website that has increased online sales by 67 per cent
  • Hiring a VA
  • Putting in place a strong company culture (including a company values board displayed in
    the office)

For Tess, the highlight of being a BB member is access to the exclusive website content. “We use the videos like Google,” she explains, “If we have a problem or want to set up something new in our business we search BB and watch the videos on that topic.”

Another benefit for Tess has been the practical nature of the advice delivered to business owners. “It is the only program I have seen that has substance and simple systems that help business owners go through their business with a fine-toothed comb and put in place systems for strong growth.”

For Tess, the future looks bright. “There is still so much to do! I want to continue to grow my sales team and refine all of the fundamentals that we learn at the BB conferences. My head is full after every conference (just another reason I need the 90 day action plan to keep me focused!” she exclaims, while sharing that she would personally recommend Business Blueprint to any business which is looking to make more profits.

Does that sound like you? Grab your FREE ticket to the next 52 Ways workshop, coming soon to a city near you.

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