How to Better Connect With Customers & Retain Top Talent

In times of stress and confusion, many business owners are under more pressure to communicate with poise and purpose. It’s our job to be clear and lead the way, no matter how much stress we are feeling on a personal level.

Join strategic communications expert Jane Anderson as she shares how to get your message out to your community, even in times of crisis.

In this session, you’ll discover…

  • How often to post content on your social platforms
  • What content to share and when to post content
  • How the crisis has grown content consumption
  • Why trust is so important for your customers now
  • 3 content marketing strategy with amazing result
  • How to turn a spam content into catalyst content

As a bonus gift, we’re giving you access to a hand-drawn, illustrated note highlighting the key points mentioned in the video. Click the image below to download a copy.

Once you’ve implemented these strategies, we look forward to hearing how you’re changing the lives of the people around you. Let us know in the comments below.

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