How to Check If People are Stealing Your Stuff

Stealing is, of course, illegal but many people don’t seem to see it that way when it comes to stealing the written word.

Unfortunately, the practice of plagiarising—taking someone’s content and sharing it as your own—is rife around the world. There can be consequences at a higher scale but taking legal action as a small business is costly and time consuming.

At Business Blueprint, we were victims of plagiarism a few times. People would copy entire blogs and post them on their own websites, giving themselves credit as the author. It is frustrating to have this happen when you have put a lot of work into creating content from scratch.

The other problem was that while we came across a few blogs which had been ripped off, it was impossible to know how many more were out there.

But as you may know, we’re obsessed with finding the next, best tech tools. And we have come across one which really helped solve this problem.

To take a closer look at how to use this tool, check out our video.


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Hello, it is Dale Beaumont here with another video to help business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve more success. In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to know if someone is stealing your stuff. Now, what do I mean? Well, I don’t mean physical stuff, I mean your ideas, and specifically, anytime that you’re writing text on your website, or maybe it’s blog posts or maybe you’ve got some type of report or text-based information that’s out there in this world and you want to know if people are quite literally ripping you off. And it has been something that’s happened to me over the years and also happened to many of my clients as well that have said their competitors have taken entire pages or just chunks of text and literally cut and paste it word for word and put it on their website and that is not cool. Now, that is a way now of knowing if your copy is being stolen, and that is a free tool which is called free plagiarism checker.

So I’m just going to now quickly show you what this tool can do. So the website is, of course, So that’s the website that you need to go to. And once you’re there, what you simply do is you put in any chunk of text Now it could be a certain paragraph, or it could be an entire page. Or it could be, you know, something that you have that’s maybe in one of your books, for example. If you’ve published a book before, and you’re gonna make sure that other people aren’t reprinting your content or putting it on their website and claiming it as their own.

So what you can do is you can cut and paste your text in. And then what you do is you go check for plagiarism, click on the button below, like I’ve done right now. And then what you’ll see is you’ll see anywhere where the same text is being used somewhere else on the web. And you can see the percentage in terms of what percentage match is it. So what you can see here is I just put in one article that I wrote many years ago and there is someone else that is actually using that article that I wrote on their website. Now, I’ve had a look It’s 100% match. So it’s clearly my content. But I remember I gave this person full permission to be able to use this article that I wrote on their website. So that was totally fine. And I can go down the list. And I can see whether or not I gave permission for that information to be shared.

And I could also see if I didn’t give permission, how close is it a 100% match? Is it an 85% match? Is it a 50% match? And so that way, if I do choose to take action, then I know how severe the breach is and therefore can take appropriate action. If it’s on the low side, maybe I’ll just write an email and ask them to please check it or to remove it. If it’s obviously on the high side. Maybe you want to be a little bit more serious. I’ll leave the approach up to you. But if you needed to, to know if anyone is stealing your content, now, you have a solution. Free Plagiarism Checker is the tool that you need to use. That’s it for me. I hope you found this video useful, and you can take this tool and put it into action. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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