How To Do Market Research in 2 Seconds Flat

Creating content to educate and engage with your audience can feel like a grind after you have come up with your first few topic ideas. What’s more, if you’re busy or not particularly tech-savvy, using Google Adwords to do keyword research can feel overwhelming.

This video will show you one of the quickest free tools out there and demonstrate how to get up to two years’ worth of content ideas in two seconds flat.

It’s called ‘AnswerThePublic’ and you can find it at


Hello, it’s Dale Beaumont here. And in this video, I’m going to share with you about how to do market research for any business in under two seconds. Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Well, there’s this awesome tool that I wanted you to know about. And it can help you in terms of finding out what people are thinking and what people want to know about your particular topic.

So if you’re going to be creating content, you want to be creating content that people are actually searching for.

So how do you know what people are searching for? Well, there is now a tool for that. So the tool is called ‘Answer the Public’. And it’s just a website that you can go to. Just type in

So what I’m going to do now is give you a live demo of this particular tool. And then after, I want you to try it for yourself, and see how awesome it is.

So I’m going to take a real example. This is from one of our clients that we’re working with right now, who has a business selling wedding dresses. And so what she’s looking to do is start creating more content for her website, content for her blog, and just sharing more useful information.

But we first of all want to know well, what are people wanting? What are people looking for? Well, this tool will actually tell you.

So what I’m going to do now is go to my computer and give you a live demo of this. So the website’s called AnswerThePublic. And once you arrive on the page, you’re greeted with this really kind of like interesting looking guy who just basically stares at you. And so you can just click stop if he’s too annoying.

And then what you’re going to do is you’re going to type in something into the search box, kind of like a Google search. So here, I’m going to type in wedding dress as the keyword and then I go get questions. And what it then does, it goes out to a bunch of different places, and it’s going to pull back some information.

And so if we just wait a few moments, wow, it’s just pulled back 169 different questions that people have around the subject of wedding dress, and why it’s so cool, as you can see it, it spreads it out like this beautiful kind of flower.

And you can see all of the “will” questions, the “where” questions, the “who” questions. And if you find that a little bit difficult, you can actually go back up and click on the ‘Data’ button, and it will show you in a linear form.

So these are all the questions that people have about this particular subject. And what you can do is look through this list, you can even download it as a CSV file if you want to. And you can print it and then just highlight “Ooh I could talk about that for two minutes.” I could talk about that for a couple of minutes, I know the answer to that question and that question. And you’re going to find at least 20, if not 40, 50, or even 60, different content ideas.

And if you’re sharing, say one every week, then that’s more than enough for one year, if you’re sharing one every two weeks, then that will cover you for two years.

And so what you’re then going to do is you’re going to start making some videos or maybe writing articles, or you could be using Facebook Live to simply answer commonly asked questions about your area of expertise.

Now the software even goes a little bit further, because it covers these type of, of what people are searching for in two ways. One is questions, and the other is statements. So we’re just going through the questions now I’m going to scroll down a little bit further. And then we’re going to get to the statements. So that’s come up with 137 different statements that people are making around the subject of wedding dresses.

And again, there’s a whole bunch of different ideas here. For example, wedding dress, with sleeves, wedding dress with pockets. So for example, what you could do is create a video, which could be the five best wedding dresses with sleeves. And so the keyword there wedding dress with sleeves is then going to be in the title of the video. And now you know that there’s actually demand for that content. There are people looking for that particular information.

So what I’d like you to do is have a play with AnswerThePublic. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an accountant, whether you run programmes for parenting, or you’re helping other people to grow their business or build their wealth, just type in any particular keyword, about your area of expertise or the product or service that you sell.

Find out what people are searching for, or what questions they have and just be helpful and try to answer as many questions as you possibly can.

So that wraps up this video about AnswerThePublic and how to do market research in two seconds flat. Hope you enjoyed it. And I’ll see you hopefully another video soon.

Bye for now.

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