How to Edit A Podcast With Zero Experience

Podcasting is an ideal way for many business owners to share their message with the world. This type of broadcast makes you an instant radio host, covering the topic you specialise in.

Business owners leverage podcasts to reach a global audience, establish themselves as thought leaders and share information with their customers. They are relatively easy to record with the help of a microphone and some recording software.

However, until now, the process for editing has been time-consuming. Unless you’re 100% confident behind a microphone, there’ll be mistakes and re-takes that you want to edit out.

This is where an incredible tool called Descript comes along.


This software takes voice recognition to a new level. Use Descript while you record your podcast, vodcast or even your explainer video and it will turn what you say into text on a screen.

Once you have finished recording, all you have to do is highlight and delete (or copy and paste) your text. This instantly lets you edit your audio or video recording.

When you use Descript, you can access Podcast/video editing and free transcription starting from just US$10 per month. The transcription service will even identify different speakers so it is easy to edit their copy out.

Online reviews describe Descript as “freeing your inner artist by removing monotony”, “a game-changer” and “pure genius”. It gets 4.2 stars out of 5 on Product Hunt thanks to its simplicity and speed.

But wait, there’s more

Sometimes, the problem with a podcast isn’t what you said, but what you didn’t say. With Descript, this isn’t a problem.

Simply type in the text you want to be included and the uber-clever AI will reproduce your voice in a way that is almost impossible to recognise as electronically produced.

Pretty neat! This comes with a disclaimer that you aren’t allowed to edit voices without permission, e.g. you can’t take the Prime Minister’s voice and rework one of his speeches in order to create fake news.

Descript is ideal for podcasting, vodcasting, basic video editing, meeting transcriptions and more. You can use it to remove people saying “um” or repeating their ‘crutch words’ (like, you know, etc). It is handy for recording with a guest who is not in the studio, transcribing Zoom calls and even adding sound effects, music and background ambience.

Take a look at Descript’s awesome promo video (which you’ll want to watch again).

The US$10 monthly subscription lets you work in offline mode and collaborate with others in real-time. You can use basic editing tools with the platform like volume automation and multi-track sequences. The functionality lets you export subtitles and files, plus you can review your version history.

Descript allows browser sharing, guest comments and it even has API integration if you’re inclined to think of ways to incorporate it with other tools or software platforms you use.

This platform is one of the most innovative tools you can access to make creating and editing podcasts a breeze. It’s no wonder our video editor is worried… although the videos edits are quite basic, there’s no doubt Descript’s functions and technology will improve with time.

Before you hit record on your next podcast, check out Descript.

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