How Tyron Hyde Got His Mojo Back And Achieved Success

How has your mindset been during this pandemic?

Are you feeling disappointed, dejected and unmotivated? You’re not alone. A lot of business owners are facing similar problems. It’s easy to get stuck in a negative mindset while facing this global and economic downturn.

Tyron Hyde, the CEO of Washington Brown, a quantity surveying company based in Sydney experienced these challenges before the pandemic even hit.

Here’s how he overcame it and took his business to the next level…

Complacency kills business growth

Tyron heads a team of experts who work out how to maximise your residential or commercial property through depreciation methods. After working the same job for almost 30 years, he thought that he pretty much knew everything about what his business could do. He thought wrong.

The Washington Brown CEO was getting left behind…

When Tyron attended one of Dale Beaumont’s business workshops, he realised that there was still so much he could do. It changed the way he thought about business.

“I was blown away by what I learned and I learned the right stuff,” he confessed.

He added that it was a “great combination of technical knowledge and motivation” that business owners are looking for.

Competitive edge in digital marketing

Being a member of Business Blueprint meant that Tyron had access to an online library of training videos and interactive webinars. He could also take advantage of over a hundred systems and blueprints, highly qualified business consultants and hands-on support from the team.

Tyron started recording videos, posting them on his Facebook business page and getting engagement like likes, shares, and comments. He launched a YouTube channel where he regularly has over 500,000 views on his videos. He also had a Podcast that he regularly creates content for and sends out to his audience.

Increasing business revenue

Apart from digital marketing strategies, Tyron also published a book, “Claim It!” where he was very hands-on in editing its content. Eventually, his hard work paid off. It was Money Magazine’s book of the month and was also featured in “Your Investment Property” Magazine. He also got an invite to be on Peter Switzer’s program to talk about the book.

Tyron knew he needed to free himself up from the tasks that were holding him back. He knew if he didn’t do something soon, he would be completely stuck, so he decided to hire a full-time virtual assistant. It was the best decision he ever made.

He listed down all his tasks and delegated anything that he either didn’t want to do, didn’t need to do, or didn’t enjoy doing. Anything that was not the best use of his time would be systemised and delegated to his VA. Doing this allowed him to do more of the things he loved like kicking personal goals.

Kicking personal goals

“I’ve got my mojo back,” Tyron shared happily.

And it wasn’t just with work but also with his life. He discovered that work-life balance was possible.

Tyron was inspired when he saw Sebastian Terry on stage at a Business Blueprint conference talking about “The 101 Things To Do Before You Die”. He wrote down his own list of 101 things and one of the ‘to-do’s’ that he quickly ticked off the list was running in the New York Marathon.

Business Blueprint success

In his first 12 months with Business Blueprint, Tyron’s company had a 40 per cent increase in turnover, which is already the net profit gain of 72 per cent.

“In terms of measuring success. It’s been pretty positive,” he admitted.

He believes that people who already have a business and are thinking, “How do I keep up with the Joneses?” would benefit from the Business Blueprint program.

“They’ll show you how to keep up with the Joneses and probably beat the Joneses.”

He also recommends the program to other entrepreneurs like him who have also been in business for a long time and want to learn some new tricks.

“The people that I find that are in this group that Dale gets together are legitimate,” he revealed. “Every one of them that I have used, have been great!”

Your turn to level up

If you want to survive in this unpredictable time, you need to stop assuming that the old methods of running your business will continue to work as normal. Just like what Tyrone did, you need to find ways to increase your business knowledge, review your marketing strategy and come up with a new way to promote your business. Or, if you’re still unsure of where to go next, prepare a business continuity plan to help your business recover from the pandemic.

So what’s your biggest takeaway from Tyron’s story? We’d love to hear from you. Leave your insights in the comments below.

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