How Using Typedesk Can Save You HOURS

“Thanks for your email. Your feedback is important to us and we….”

How many times have you typed this out during your time as a business owner? Whether it be email communication, requesting online reviews, or replying to social media comments, responding to customers is very important. However, it can be a massive drain on your time.

We recently came across a tool that saves you from constantly typing the same things to different people.

It’s called Typedesk and it can save you (or your team) hours.

What is Typedesk?

Canned responses aren’t a new thing. You can use Gmail, Zendesk or other platforms to have standard responses ready to send to your users.

For example, canned responses come in handy when thanking people, responding to a query or requesting an online review. However, until now, you could only use a canned response within the platform it was associated with. This meant that if you were interacting with users on Facebook, you had to jump into a saved document, Gmail, Evernote or wherever your canned responses were stored to get the stock-standard answers.

Typedesk offers “lightning-fast canned responses for all your favourite platforms: Help Desks (Zendesk, Intercom, Enchant, Hubspot), Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Forums), Email Clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook), and virtually any other service.”

Business owners and customer care operatives rely on Typedesk for several reasons:

  • It’s lightning fast: unlike classic solutions, Typedesk syncs with your computer and searches locally for instant results.
  • It boosts productivity: quick search is always available with a simple shortcut so you can easily paste your canned responses anywhere without even touching your mouse
  • It’s collaborative, with teams built-in so you can decide exactly which canned responses you want to share with who

User feedback shares that Typedesk “speeds up repetitive tasks on daily operations, such as sending client updates.” It lets business owners focus on delivering value instead of wasting time typing the same message over and over again.

The creator of Typedesk shared that he kept a few things in mind when creating the tool:

🏎️ Make It Blazing Fast
It needs to work instantly, with no load time, instant search and quick copy/paste.

🦸 Design For Superhumans
Keyboard-first approach, every important action must be achieved without leaving your keyboard.

👍 Make It Easy
We are not building a tool for IT and engineers, but for people answering lots of emails and writing lots of content every day (tech. support, administrations, clerks etc.)

How to use Typedesk

To get started, all you have to do is sign up for a free account and download one of Typedesk’s apps for Windows, Mac, Chrome or Firefox.

Inside the apps, you can easily create, organise, modify and copy/paste your canned responses. When you do so, pick a title that will make it easy for you to search for it later, enter the contents, add a translation if needed, and select a few tags to sort your responses by theme.

Then all you have to do is click Save. You can share the responses you create with your team so they can access them when you’re not around.

Why use Typedesk

In business, every second saved gives you the potential to be earning money. And while customer service is essential for success, it can take hours of fiddling around to respond to feedback across the many online platforms we use these days.

It is free to get started with Typedesk for the first 14 days. If you notice it is saving time, you can subscribe for as little as US$7 per month.

Allocate responsibility for customer care to one or two people on your team and give them access to Typedesk so they can get more done on your behalf.

As well as making your team’s lives easier, by using Typedesk you are showing your customers you care about their feedback.

And the results compound; happier clients, better word of mouth and more customers, all for as little as US$7 per month.

Check out this nifty tool for small business and get started by clicking here: Discover Typedesk

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