How We Use Placeit to Win at Marketing

Big brands seem to have endless budgets to create videos, images and gifs to use in their marketing. They can afford to pay models, hire studios and work with cinematography teams so their business stands out.

When you’re just a little guy, having your brand all over t-shirts and worn by models may seem impossible… but it actually doesn’t have to be.

Here’s a timely tech secret which Business Blueprint members have been making the most of lately: it’s called Placeit.

What is Placeit?

The Placeit website is the ‘place’ to go for the largest mockups library on the internet.

What are mockups? They’re ready-made marketing images, featuring a range of models and accessories. Each image has room for your brand logo. Placeit also offers video and social media templates to make promoting your brand a breeze.

How it works

To use Placeit, simply have a high-res copy of your logo ready. Browse the site and choose a template which is suitable.

From there, the process is a straightforward, drag and drop format. You can add your logo to a picture of an iPhone or computer screen, a picture of a hand holding a coffee mug or an animated gif of a happy model wearing your ‘branded’ t-shirt.

Create slideshow videos, Facebook cover images, Instagram story templates and more, all in a matter of minutes.

Recent updates to the platform mean Smart Templates now adjust as you make content edits. Placeit has added the ability for you to step in to move and resize layers for even better flexibility.

When making videos, you can also benefit from being able to preview your content live as you edit your slides.

Some of the ways business owners can use Placeit include:

  • Promo videos for social media
  • Graphics to add to their website
  • Images for social media
  • Mug, hat, hoodie and t-shirt mockups to sell merchandise
  • Intro videos to boost time spent and SEO on website landing pages
  • Book cover templates to sell e-books

Create a logo with Placeit

This site is also handy for quick logo design, sharing hundreds of templates. Simply enter your brand name and the type of industry you are in and Placeit will suggest dozens of logo ideas.

You can customise colours and play around with graphics until you have the ideal design.

One of the most helpful marketing resources you’ll find

Placeit was created to be easy to use, to offer thousands of templates and to be affordable for businesses of any size.

Subscribe for US$29 per month for unlimited downloads. This doesn’t have to be an ongoing expense as you can plan ahead, subscribe and create a batch of designs, videos, logos and branded mockups from over 14,000 templates.

If you do want to use Placeit for a year or longer, the price of an annual subscription is even lower.

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