How You Can Use Placeit to Market Your Business

Do you ever wonder how some businesses manage to create images and marketing materials that look so impressive? It’s like they have a full-time professional photographer on board and have a limitless budget for graphic design.

Here’s the truth: they probably don’t have marketing budgets which are any larger than yours. It is likely they have discovered some sneaky and very cost effective shortcuts.

For a live demo of how you can instantly create amazing mockups of branded content, check out the video below:


What is Placeit?

This software allows you to access one of the largest collections of mockups on the internet, giving you templates to drag and drop your own logos or images.

Placeit also offers a stack of ad and social media templates to make promoting your business easier. In addition, the platform offers an easy way to create logos for your company, with hundreds of graphics to choose from.

For example, instead of sharing a screengrab of your website, it is far more engaging to share an image of someone looking at a computer or smartphone with your website on the screen. This is easy to do when you use Placeit. Simply create an account, choose a template, click and drag your image and you’re done. The resulting picture is high quality and looks as though it has been created by a team of experts.

Using Placeit, you can add your logo or graphics to a huge range of images, including people wearing what looks to be branded apparel. Using these images instantly adds credibility to your brand, making it look more professional and well-established.

It is really easy to get the hang of using Placeit and so much cheaper than employing a graphic designer. The cost to access unlimited downloads is around $15USD per month, or you can pay per download, starting at $8.

Ways to use Placeit

Placeit has a number of video tutorials to help you get used to using it on its FAQ page here

You can use Placeit to make:

  • Realistic looking mockups which include your website or logo
  • Images of people wearing merchandise with your logo
  • Mockup book covers or branded coffee mugs
  • Great looking Facebook ads
  • Posters and banners
  • Flyers and business cards
  • Basic logos for your team, restaurant or new brand
  • App store screenshot mockups

What’s more, you can make video mockups, for example of a couple of happy young people wearing t-shirts with your logo or slogan. This can be really effective to add to videos on your website, on YouTube or to promote your business on social media.

Give your business the competitive edge and attract the attention of your customers using this incredibly handy, easy to use and affordable tool.

Try Placeit by visiting, or check out some alternatives, including Smartmockups App, Dunnnk, Promomatic or Dimmy.Club.

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