How to Improve the Speed and Performance of Your Website

Have you ever experienced visiting a website and deciding to leave after it was taking so long to load? One of the things that is often overlooked is the the speed in which your website loads.

In this video, I’m going to tell you why and show you a cool tool that will teach you how you can improve it.

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Faster is Better

There’s a direct correlation between loading speed and how long or how many people stay on your website. It’s important that your website doesn’t take too long to load. When people click on an ad and they’re waiting more than three seconds, they won’t want to wait and just click close.

Do you want to know another reason why it’s important to have a fast loading website? Loading speed is one of the factors that Google looks for when it comes to how it ranks websites. So the faster your website loads, the better your website rankings, generally speaking.

Now that we’ve established the importance of website speed, the next question would be, how do we accomplish that exactly?

Free Online Tool

The good news is, there’s a great tool that you can use to check how fast your website is. More importantly, it will also tell you what you need to change in order to improve your website’s speed and performance.

The tool that you need to access is a website called Google speed test. Type it into your browser and wait for the page to load. Scroll down and click on PageSpeed insights. When you get to that web page, type in your website in the part that says page URL and then click on the analyze button.

What happens here is that Google is basically pinging your website from different website servers around the world to get a true test of how fast your website is loading. The speed of your internet connection has no effect on the test because it’s using Google and Google’s computers to do this true test so it’s much more accurate.

Room for Improvement

After 10 seconds, you’ll be able to see the results of your website ranking. For example, your website has a ranking of 87%, which is actually a really good ranking. However, you know that there’s still room for improvement.

So what you can do is scroll down and you’ll see what are the things that causing your page to load slower than ideal. You’ll also get suggestions on how you can fix them. This is probably not going to make sense unless you’re a website developer and that’s okay.

Just send that link to the person that looks after your website and tell him what your ranking is. For example, your ranking is at 75. You can say that you’d love his feedback and see what you can do to get it to 80 or 85 in the next two weeks. Show him the suggestions and discuss a timeline for when changes can be implemented.

Measure Results

Check on your website in a week or two later and do the test again to see if the issues have been resolved. If they have, then you’ll see an improvement in the speed and performance of your website. And this is super important because then you’ll get more traffic from Google and have more customers stay on your website.

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