Is Fear Driving Your Business? (Video: 2m59s)

When you’re on the pathway toward business success, challenging situations arise almost daily. You’re going to face fear, doubt and pressure that could be detrimental for your business.

If things get tough, remind yourself never to give in to your negative thoughts. Don’t let challenges cause you to overlook opportunities and crush your momentum.

In this video, the Exec Director at Pragmatic Thinking and Behavioural Scientist Darren Hill discusses why fear should never have a steering wheel on your business. He also shares valuable tips on how to break free of fear and fast track your way to business success.

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When it comes along that pathway towards success, towards growth as you’re making progress, whether it’s in your life or whether it’s in your business, you’re going to face some ups and downs. You’re going to face challenges along the way and you’re going to deal with doubt and pressure.

And here’s the thing, I just want to pose something to you that all businesses essentially face four different directions at any point in time. Business can get worse, business can stay the same, business can get a little bit better and business could get way better.

Now, I should check in with Dale on this one day to see what being exposed to so many different businesses and seeing so many go so well and some big challenges and so on, whether he sees the same focus areas as me. But the one thing that I’ve observed in business is that there are focus areas. And for business to get worse, that’s when the leaders or the founders of that business give in to their fears.

Now, here’s a little side note from what I know about business at this point and by the way, everything that I know about it, I’ve realized how little I know about it but I’m still on the pursuit to try and find it out. But the one thing I know is that fear has no steering wheel for your business ever.

It’s allowed to be in the backseat. It’s not allowed to choose the bloody song on the radio or anything, it’s going to be there and it’s nice to hear from time to time but it doesn’t get to choose the direction you go on, right? So break free of the fears.

Now, when a business stays the same, well, you do the same stuff, you get the same results. When business gets a little bit better, so when it makes that incremental climb up the hill, what we do is we focus on the process, put in a good process, commit to it, and you’ll get a better result.

But tell me and I want you to have a quick– I want you to write down one word that you think might be the focus area for when businesses get extraordinarily better when they take off when they reinvent themselves when the whole game changes. Just for 15 seconds write down the word that you think is the focus, go for it.

Okay, so I’m not sure what word you wrote down. But in all my observation of this is whenever there’s a stunning turnaround in business, whenever there’s an extraordinary change, it’s always a focus on one thing and that’s when you change your beliefs.

So the big difference between a mindset is that it’s like tilling the soil every day, it’s like doing the weeding. But when we change our beliefs, these big anchored thoughts we hold to be true that govern our behaviour and govern the behaviour on the planet, when we shift that, the game changes completely.

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