Luke Ahearn’s Journey to Success

Is entrepreneurship in the blood? Do a person’s genetics have anything to do with what career they have later in life?

The truth is that entrepreneurs are made, not born. And they usually start young. For example, our Founder and CEO, Dale Beaumont, is a shining example of this. He started his first business when he was 19 and is involved in many businesses today including a few of his own. And another example is one of our Blueprint consultants, Luke Ahearn, who started his journey even earlier at the age of 16.

Business Mindset

Even while he was in school, Luke already had a business mindset. He knew that he didn’t want to take the conventional path as most of his friends did, which is to graduate high school and find a traditional 9 to 5 job in the blue or white collar industry. This boy from Cessnock wanted to be an entrepreneur. When he was 16, he started his first business selling lollipops at school.

After finishing grade 10, Luke knew he was done with school. He left and with the money he saved up from part-time work, he started his first real business. He took out a bank loan and bought a mobile phone shop along with several vending machines.

Eventually, he bought a franchise business, which he realised, albeit belatedly, was a bad decision because he had no control over major important parts of the business. He ended up losing a lot of his hard earned money and had to practically start from scratch again.

Like all strong entrepreneurs, Luke had fallen over but did one important thing. He got straight back up! One night while he was heading home with only $10 in his pocket, he accepted a friend’s invite to a pub for a beer. That night would change his life forever.

Bricks and Mortar Business

Thread and Ink Workwear

The day after he met his friend at the pub, he bought a workwear shop in regional New South Wales, which he later renamed to Thread and Ink Workwear and is still running today. His business provides high-quality workwear clothing such as uniforms, boots, hats, and accessories.

Success didn’t come easy. Luke worked hard and dedicated most of his waking hours to growing the business. Cessnock is a small country town and most of Luke’s friends work in the mining industry which is a main source of income for the local region. But instead of going to the pub after work with his friends, Luke was working away on growing his business.

He realized that he needed to surround himself with like minded individuals to achieve the success he wanted, and he wasn’t going to find this in his current surroundings. He joined business networking groups in Newcastle and the Hunter Region and also found a business coach to help him with the business. Although he felt that he was already doing well, there was so much more that he was missing out on.

Luke decided to look further from his local network and researched online on how he could grow his business. He stumbled upon a free 1-day business workshop by Dale Beaumont, and knew that he simply must attend. He went along to the next event in Sydney (we now also run events in Newcastle) with some of his business friends from the networks he had created. It marked the start of another life changing journey.

Business Blueprint Beginning

Before Luke met Dale, he was at first skeptical of education companies and felt it may not be for him. But being keen and eager to get more support and grow his business, he was willing to take a chance and attend the event. After hearing Dale present on stage, Luke was “blown away by the depth of knowledge of this guy” and was one of the first to join the Business Blueprint program on the day. Dale’s passion and style of teaching really resonated with him.

Dale Beaumont

After attending Dale’s workshop, he learned so much and he felt at home with similar minded people. No longer did he feel alone. He walked away with pages and pages of notes and clear actionable steps on things he needed to implement into his business to start getting greater results. There was so much that he wasn’t doing and really needed to be. But you just don’t know what you don’t know.

Over the next 12 months, Luke experienced one heck of a journey. He had to undergo a major shift when it came to his business and future growth plans and direction. Before he joined Business Blueprint, he worked from 7 am till 7 pm. He was working 12 hours a day, which meant 60 hours a week. And that was on a short week.

Luke, being a high achiever, spent the next 90 days after every conference implementing what he learned at the 4-day conferences and following up with the new connections he made through the journey, which he says has been priceless. In just a short span of time, he could already see results including having more free time. He soon launched an ecommerce shop for his workwear store, which expanded his reach from just the local area to the entire country. Soon he was seeing the sales roll in.

Signs of Success

Within a few months, Luke already reached his monthly targets that he had set, in fact, he was smashing them. He also realised his online sales far outweighed his physical store sales and started to focus more on his online presence. Within a year, his physical store was being completely run by his team and his sales continued to grow steadily. He could finally focus on growing his business.

Business Blueprint Team

After hiring a team of virtual assistants and creating systems to outsource a lot of the tedious tasks that Luke and his team didn’t want to do, he had so much spare time. So Luke started to enjoy the fruits of his labour and took to travelling. He also got engaged to his beautiful fiance, Georgia, and they recently had a little baby boy, Levi.

All these life-changing milestones, and Luke still had time for his continued charitable efforts, riding 500km across Thailand with his Business Blueprint family and some of our clients for Hands Across The Water. He knew that he had more to give. He wanted to find a way to help other business owners achieve what he had achieved.

When Luke found out that Business Blueprint was growing and looking for an additional consultant to help our clients achieve their own business success, he reached out to Dale and just knew that he had to be part of this community in a bigger way. He told him about how he wanted to work for Business Blueprint and give back by helping our members achieve the same level of success that he has. In October last year, he officially became a Business Blueprint consultant.

A Man with Many Hats

In addition to being a business owner, an avid property investor, a loving fiance and a father, Luke works full-time with us as a Blueprint Consultant, he works part-time in our Sydney office in the northern beaches and part-time from his home in the Hunter region.

Luke as a Business Blueprint Consultant

Passionate about seeing other business owners achieve their goals and dreams, Luke knows first hand what is possible with a great education and the right supportive environment. As a Blueprint consultant, he spends his time working with members one-on-one, supporting them in their business growth journey, giving them the accountability they need and the support they require.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

We’re proud to say that recently, Luke won the Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards. His business, Thread and Ink Workwear, took home the trophy in the Retail Excellence category, while Luke himself won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Luke Ahearn's Journey to Success

This well-deserved award shows how Luke works day in, day out in his business and for Business Blueprint. We are super proud to have him on the team and happy that his efforts have been recognized.

If you are inspired by Luke’s story and would like to meet him and the team to find out more about how we can help you grow your business, then we recommend that you attend our free 1-Day workshop called 52 Ways. Get the motivation and inspiration you need, as well as the education and ‘how to’ so that you can quickly boost your business forward. We’ll see you there!