Making Marketing Videos? Let’s Get Inspired!

‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ is an expression which means ‘learning from the best’.

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to stay up to date with the latest trends, especially when it comes to marketing and video. So standing on those shoulders and checking out how industry leaders do things can shorten the creative process.

Of course, we’re not advocating copying directly but sometimes you just need inspiration to kick-start your own ideas.

The tech tool in the video below shares a collection of the world’s best product demonstration clips. Take a look to find out where to see all the big brands’ best work in one place. There are some excellent examples of viral videos, brand reboot videos, Kickstarter clips and 6-second mini-clips.



Hello, it’s Dale Beaumont here and in this video, I’m going to share with you a super useful tool that you should use whenever you’re creating a marketing video for your business. So we all know how important videos and we need to be making more videos in our business. Now, there’s a whole bunch of different types of videos that you can be making. Sometimes you want to make how to videos or explainer videos, or you might try to make funny videos or viral video.

There’s so many different types. Now, sometimes the best way is to actually get some inspiration from other companies or other brands that are making videos and to see if you can definitely not copy but how you can use some of their ideas but tailor them for your specific business. So where do you go to find a collection of different videos that you can look at to stimulate inspiration? Well, there is the website right now. It’s called the And basically, it’s a giant swipe file of literally hundreds soon to be thousands of videos from all different brands that are categorised under different topics. And what you can do is watch these videos to get inspiration for videos that you may wish to create in your own business. So if you click here on collections at the top or you can actually browse by categories as well you can see this how to videos, there’s a customer story videos, there’s funny videos, there’s product explainers.

There is videos from Apple from Google from Facebook. And if you click down on more options, there’s a whole bunch of other different types of categories as well. Videos that are done through voiceovers or videos that are vertical videos from the health and fitness niche videos about travel or about education or business, the list goes on. And so what you can do is punch in your specifications and basically click search and then they will come up with dozens of different videos that you can look at to get ideas and inspiration for creating your own videos for your business. So if you want some inspiration for making videos, then check out It’s an awesome tool that you should definitely know about.

Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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