How Matthew Lepre Leveraged The Media To Explode His Sales Results

Last October, a face in the crowd at our popular 52 Ways event was a young entrepreneur called Matthew Lepre.

Having dropped out of university, Matthew had done a great job of growing an online business selling skincare products and educational texts and achieving revenue of $120k per month. Not content with his achievements, he wanted to create and promote an online academy for people who wanted to mimic his success. Doing so would help him diversify and create passive income to create a future filled with possibilities.

After attending 52 Ways, Matthew quickly signed up to become a Business Blueprint member and began attending regular conferences to learn how to reach more students.

Three months later, Matthew had created a well-functioning lead funnel to attract people to his Ecom Warrior Academy. The problem was, he needed a turbo-hit of exposure to take things to the next level.

It was at this fortuitous moment when he sat at the same table as PR expert Adrian Falk. Highly skilled at gaining media exposure for all kinds of businesses, Adrian quickly identified a strategy which would take Matthew’s name to the world.

And it certainly did.

Achieving media exposure

It is one thing to share the story of your business but you need a ‘hook’ to draw people in and make the tale relatable.

Adrian decided to take the angle that despite earning an income far, far above the average, Matthew is yet to be lucky in love. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, he pitched this angle to a popular media platform, The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail publishes dozens of stories every day and is always looking for interesting content. A great looking guy with an amazing story, not to mention some great photos, made for the perfect piece. An article ran explaining Matthew’s background, his business, his search for love and, most importantly, his Ecom training platform.

See Matthew in The Daily Mail

This was an incredible result, with the article being viewed hundreds of thousands of times on the Daily Mail. Matthew and Adrian congratulated themselves on a job well done, but the best was yet to come!

Going viral

News outlets are always looking for stories and this one was a winner. Pretty soon, The Daily Mail article had been picked up and shared in New Zealand, the UK and the United Arab Emirates. Do a quick Google search and you’ll also see Matthew’s business featured on a range of Asian language websites.

In total, MILLIONS of people now know about Matthew (we’re yet to check up to see if he now has a girlfriend!). He has gained thousands of Instagram followers and extra hits on his website. And the best part is he has had an avalanche of enrollments for his Ecom Warrior Academy.

Being able to share a fully automated course means Matthew is continuing his trajectory of success and able to travel wherever he likes in the world.

At Business Blueprint, we are so thrilled to be part of Matthew’s journey. We have been able to share ideas and point him in the right direction, and with dedication, hard work and the support of the right people, he has achieved so much more than even he thought was possible.

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