Member Benefits

So you’ve learned what makes Business Blueprint unique. Now it’s time to share with you the specific ingredients of the program:

Member Access to 4 Live Conferences

If you look through the videos and photos of our live conferences, you’ll get a sense of the vitality and single-minded focus that fills the room.

Something sparks when you attend these events. Pathways you never imagined suddenly begin to form before you.

You’ll also discover that transformational change is quite simple and inexpensive to create in your business.

And the fun bit is that it will have an amazing spillover effect in other parts of your life.

As a member of Business Blueprint, you have access to not one or two, but four live events throughout the year.

Each event is strategically spaced 90 days apart to give you time to activate the ideas you learn about.

Featuring a variety of world-class subject matter experts, each event runs for 2 days (or 4 days for Platinum Members).

You’ll discover the most up-to-date strategies and tools to speed-up and simplify your success.

Each session is highly interactive and is paired with worksheets so you can implement each strategy into your business immediately.

It’s important to note that these 4 conferences are not ‘Talk-Fests’.

Each includes Q & A time with our panel of experts and round table discussions.

There is also designated networking time with other high-powered entrepreneurs and business owners.

Past experience shows this has been fertile ground for the creation of many new joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Towards the end of the second day, we’ll spend two hours helping you develop a customised Business Vision and 90 Day Action Plan.

This way you leave empowered and equipped with the steps you need to take to bring your vision to life.

Our Live Events Are Themed Around Four Specific Areas: