How to Mentally Prepare Yourself & Staff for the Next 90 Days

Where there is uncertainty, you need to find clarity. Where there is panic, you need to have a plan. Join global keynote speaker, Keith Abraham, as he shares with you a set of strategies and simple solutions to prepare yourself and your staff for the next 90 days.

Keith will help you focus on what you can control and show you how to define the mindset required to combat the crisis we are all currently facing as business owners and employees.

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In this idea-packed presentation, you’ll discover…

  • The 3 key elements to developing the right mindset
  • A formula for setting your goals for the next 30 days
  • The 8 mindset every business owner needs right now
  • Why having a daily ritual is key to achieving your goals
  • 4 ways to focus on what counts right now in business

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