The Fastest and Easiest Way to Turn More Leads into Customers

Do you want to know how you can convert more leads into customers?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, what I’m going to share with you is something so simple that it’s sometimes overlooked.

In this video below, I’m going to teach you the fastest and easiest way to turn more leads into customers.

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Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools that you have in order to help people to make a decision to ultimately go with you.

Here are five reasons why you need to gather and display more testimonials in your business.

1: Add More Social Proof

No one wants to be a guinea pig. No one wants to be your ‘first’ customer. Even if you’ve had thousands of customers before, people who are coming to your website for the first time have no way of knowing that. However, you can offset that scepticism by adding social proof.

When you add social proof like testimonials, it shows that you’ve got a track record of success and that you’ve helped lots of other people. Most importantly, it proves that you’ve been able to produce results. This is what builds a lot of trust and credibility.

2: Reduce people’s scepticism

Nowadays, people now are becoming more savvy and becoming more aware. They know that these days it’s so easy for anyone to set up a website and claim it to be anything. However, if you have testimonials–which ideally have a photo and name underneath–it reduces people’s scepticism.

When you have testimonials, people are most likely to think, “I can trust this person because I can see that other people have used this company and have had success.”

3: Increase Your Appeal

Sometimes it can be hard to appeal to the audience that you want because you’re a certain gender, at a certain age and you’ve got a certain look. However, this can all change when you’ve got testimonials from a variety of people.

When potential customers see someone that is just like them maybe someone that’s old, someone that’s young or maybe someone that has a similar colour, it’s more relatable. They’re going to feel a close connection to those who shared the testimonials. That’s going to help build more rapport and help people develop more trust with your business.

4: Overcome Objections

If the testimonials are written well then they’ll be able to shine a light on some of the concerns that people had at the beginning prior to working with you. It will also narrate how your business helped them overcome those concerns and ultimately become your customers.

Potential clients will see themselves in these testimonials especially if they had the same challenge or issues and this will overcome any objection they might have had about working with you.

5: Express Benefits and Results that You Can Help Clients achieve

When you have a website, you can put all the benefits of your business and the results that clients can achieve with you. However, people know that naturally, you’ll say great things about yourself and your company. But if other people say great things about, then that’s a different story.

Testimonials give you another way to showcase the benefits and results of signing up with your business. This is the true test of a great product or service. People gravitate towards these testimonials because it’s exactly what they’re looking for to be convinced and give their trust to a business.

Want to get more testimonials?

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