Outsource Any Task For Just $5 With This Incredible Service

So much to do… so little time!

And even if you have the time, everything has a way of costing lots of money.

At Business Blueprint, it’s our mission to help business owners claw back their time and stop wasting money, which is why we love sharing online tools to help you do just that.

A tool we rely on often is Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr opens the job you need doing to the world, for as little as $5.

Founded in 2010, the company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. At any time, you’ll find thousands of freelancers who are ready and waiting to help you create a logo, make a video, write copy or put together a marketing plan.

Using Fiverr is simple. Once you have created an account (it’s easy to sign up using Google or Facebook), you can search for available freelancers or post a job and wait for offers.

One thing to note is that the name of the site isn’t spot on for the cost of your job every time. If you think $5 sounds like it is too good to be true for someone to build an entire website for you, it probably is!

However, by working with someone based overseas, you have the opportunity to get the job done for a lot less than you would pay someone at home.

Jobs you can outsource to Fiverr

If you need content, graphics, video or translations, Fiverr is the place to look. Some of the fields you’ll find specialists include:

  • Graphics and design (including flyers, posters, Facebook images, Instagram graphics and more)
  • Digital marketing (including mobile marketing, SEO, email marketing and more)
  • Writing (including e-book writing, sales copy and landing pages)
  • Video (including animated gifs, Facebook ads, sales videos and more)
  • Music (including jingles, sound bites, songwriting and more)
  • Programming and tech (website building, data analysis, chatbots and more)
  • Business help (data entry, virtual assistants, market research and more)
  • Lifestyle help (greeting cards, relationship advice and fitness support)

It’s a long list! Basically, if it can be done online, there’s someone to help you on Fiverr.

How to ‘win’ at Fiverr

Like anything, Fiverr has its upsides and downsides, and often, you get what you pay for.

If you want the best results from Fiverr, take your time before choosing someone to work on your project. Examine their credentials and their past experience. Look for well-written copy on their profile page and see how many reviews they have from past clients. Chat to your prospective provider about what they can deliver and the timeframes they will stick to.

When you send a brief, make it as clear and include as much information as possible. By outlining everything you want done, you are less likely to need to do a lot of back and forth.

It is possible to have a strike-out on Fiverr which sends you back to the drawing board so consider if you believe the amount you plan to pay is worth the person’s time. If they’re not getting a decent rate, they may not put the effort in.

By getting the hang of Fiverr, you can outsource a lot of jobs without having to take on an extra employee. You’ll find it to be cost-effective, so you can focus on getting the more profitable jobs on your list sorted.

Take a look at this platform and see for yourself how you can use it to your advantage. You may even find a service provider who you can go back to time and time again. Once they know your business, they will be even more useful to you.

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