Achieving Work-Life Balance Using The Third Space With Dr. Adam Fraser


Finding the right balance between work and play is something many of us struggle with on a daily basis. It’s not always that easy to separate from your work stress and be present when you get home to your family. Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine Dr. Adam Fraser who is an expert in peak performance research. We recently recorded this video in our studio, and this topic is so important that I want to send it out to more people.

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How to achieve Work-Life balance

The subject for the video is; ‘How to find the right balance between work and play.’ It’s a question that I get asked a lot about. They would ask; “How do you juggle work, family, & business, and all the different things that you do?” We hear a lot about this thing called “work-life balance.” But does it really exist? And if it does exist, how do you actually achieve it?

Discover “The Third Space”

To discover how that actually happens, I recommend that you watch the video of Dr. Adam Fraser, a world renown expert on work-life balance. He’s also the author of several books. One of them specifically tackles this particular subject. The book called “The Third Space” talks about the principles of ‘the third space’ and how to implement this strategy into your business and life. So you could be more successful whether at work or outside work.

Below this page, you will find the video of Adam Fraser. I recommend that you stop watching this video, and check out his video instead.



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