“Post Pandemic” Brand Building and Marketing Plan – Your Guide and The How To’s

Have you created a post pandemic plan for your business? In times of disruption and crisis, many business owners slash or cease marketing. This is not the time to retreat, instead you need to think of new ways to market to your consumers.

Presented by customer experience expert Amanda Stevens, this session will answer all your questions around marketing and brand building in a post pandemic world and give you ideas to pivot, promote and zig while others are zagging.

Click on the play button below to start building a stronger business!

If you loved this presentation, here’s a hand-drawn, visual summary to remind you of all the important points mentioned in the video. Click the image below to download your free copy.

Once you’ve downloaded the summary, the next step is to print and use it as a guide while working on your post pandemic business plan.

Finally, if you want to access more resources and strategies to transform your business, come along to our live-streamed events or in-person events (you will see what we have coming up on this page in the form of a banner)

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