Seeking to See Your Sensational Sounds? Try this Tool!

Podcasting is on the rise. Right now, millions of people are tuning in to their favourite podcasts. It is how they access news and information on subjects that matter most for them.

However, with many businesses launching their own podcast shows, you need to find a way to stand out and draw more people in. That means you need to level up your podcast promotion strategy to attract more listeners.

One of the most effective techniques for promoting your podcast is through social media. You can post memorable podcast moments and people can play the clip right from their newsfeed.

Recently, I discovered this awesome tool for promoting your podcast on any social media platform called Waveform. The team at Kapwing Studio created this tool to serve audio creators including podcasters, musicians and voice actors.

What is Waveform?

Waveform is a tool that allows audio creators to convert audio tracks into video files, also known as audiograms. By pairing a section of your podcast with an image, you can create visually appealing videos and post it on social media.

At Business Blueprint, we have used Waveform to collate testimonials from our members. Here’s a sample of one of the many testimonials that we’ve converted into an audiogram.

How to create an audiogram

If you’re ready to promote your podcast, start by heading to the Waveform tool in Kapwing. Then drag and drop the podcast clip to start editing. After uploading a file, you’ll immediately see an audiogram in the canvas.

With your waveform created, you can add additional graphic elements to your video. You can add an image, change the colour, size, and styles of the waveform to match your brand.

Once you’re done customising your audiogram, you can export and share it with the world. What’s more, as long as you’re signed into Kapwing, your audio waveform will publish without a watermark.

So if you have a podcast or you’ve been thinking of finding your voice and getting it out to the world, then I highly recommend using Waveform by Kapwing Studios.

More tech tools

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