Self Care Isn’t Selfish!

If there is one thing every entrepreneur needs, it is certainly resilience and capacity to learn, bounce back and try again.

Earlier this year, we invited one of the founders of R U OK Day and psychological safety speaker Graeme Cowan to our Business Blueprint Conference to share the strategies on how to ensure you and your team stay resilient, especially in this tough time.

In the video below, Graeme talks about the importance of practising proper self-care to make yourself and your team less susceptible to mental health issues.

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I hope this clip helps you and your team stay in the ‘Green Zone’. If you want to watch more clips like this, make sure to follow our social media pages.


You as a leader in a business, that’s you, Dale. I wanted to stress the importance of being in the green zone yourself.

One message I really hope you take away from today is that self-care isn’t selfish. Self-care isn’t selfish. Because we can’t give what we don’t have.

If we’re in a bad situation ourselves, we can’t take care of other people. That’s your first priority. Hitting yourself in the green zone.

Your second priority is what I call ‘Crew Care’ or ‘Team Care.’ That’s doing the things that help keep you in the greens and hopefully your team in the green zone.

Finally, there’s ‘Red Zone Care’, and that is helping those that could be struggling. How to identify those, how to show you care and ask, “Are you okay?”, how-to guide them to help.

Dale asked me to focus today on red zone care and that will be most of the presentation but I’m just going to touch on a few things around self-care and crew care because I think it is so critical.

But if we get self-care and team care right that looks after the growth of the business. It seriously does. If we look after crew care and red zone care, we get resilience. If there is one thing we need as entrepreneurs, it is certainly resilience and capacity to learn, bounce back and try again. It’s a secret to really thriving in a very volatile world.

The final part is that if we get self-care and red zone care right, it manages the risk because there’s a huge risk to your organization. If you have someone who’s really struggling, Dale just shared an anecdote with me that he had a person that was working with him that was sent overseas for a specific task, got unwell, had to come back, couldn’t do the tasks and had to come back. That’s just one little example.

In the public service, Comcare, who manage the rehabilitation of federal public service estimate that a mental health claim is worth $340,000. The average claim average is $340,000. Red zone care is very expensive and we’re much better off to keep people in the green zone if we can.

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