How a Mentor Helped Shar Moore Generate $45,000 within 6 Weeks


What would you do if you had extra funds? Are you going to going to invest it into something like stocks or are you going to invest it in yourself?

When Shar Moore realized she had a bit of extra funds, she knew she wanted to invest in a mentor. The CEO and Founder of YMag runs a couple of businesses that help people find their purpose in life and turn that passion into profit. She realized her limits and needed someone to guide her as to what’s next for her business.

“If I don’t invest in someone to help take my knowledge to the next level, then this is all I’ll ever be.”

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Dale Beaumont

Shar went to Dale Beaumont’s one day workshop with her husband so she could get a second opinion. Dale started his first business at the age of 19 and went on to build 3 different million dollar companies before he turned 30. He also authored 16 best-selling books and has 6 new books coming out in 2018.

Ten minutes into the workshop, Shar was already sold. Her husband knew even before she told him that she had found her mentor. She signed up with Business Blueprint and was blown away by how much she didn’t know.

Business Upgrade

Being a Business Blueprint member meant that Shar could enjoy perks like 4 annual live events, interactive webinars and step-by-step training videos. She also had access to Business Blueprint consultants and hands-on support from the team.

One of the great things she loves about being in Business Blueprint is how she can always find the answers she’s looking for when she needs them. “Seriously, there is nothing that you can’t learn or do from scratch from the webinars in Blueprint.”

Shar does a lot of her business online now that she has a virtual team. She’s maximised the use of Google drive and rolled on to Ontraport for her mailing lists. Her virtual staff helped her in editing videos and her podcast show.

“We looked at iTunes one day and we were number 2,” she gushed.

A New Book and Program

Being the author of 16 best-selling books, Dale was of great help to Shar as she wrote her own book. He helped her to tweak it and sent videos that boosted the book launch.

Shar also confided to Dale about her desire to put together a new program that would be exclusive to only 6 people. The small number would allow her to really work intimately with these people to help their businesses.

“Dale is so visionary. He was able to give me advice on this program,” Shar exclaimed.

Within six weeks, she was able to generate $45,000 of income by selling her new program.

Return on Investment

Shar launched another program that generated her another $80,000. She also launched a membership site that’s worth $4 a week. It could potentially earn her as much as $4,000 a week after launching it globally.

She also has Facebook experts that helped her with her second book, One Life One Purpose. It has the same name as her podcast show.

Shar is incredibly grateful to Business Blueprint for opening up opportunities to connect with the right people. It gave her the tools and resources she needed to move her business forward

“I know that there’s someone on the end of a phone line when I need that next piece of my puzzle to light up the way for that part of my journey.”