Stop Doing What You’ve Always Done

Blockbuster, Kodak, Blackberry and Nokia are companies that sadly, while enjoying incredible success at their peak, fail to rate for consumers in 2019.

All these businesses were great at what they did, including selling phones, cameras and renting out videos and DVDs. What they failed to do was change with the times. Kodak famously had digital camera technology but wasn’t convinced people wanted it. Blockbuster had the opportunity to buy out Netflix, but passed it up.

Now think of Apple, Google, Tesla and Disney. These world-leading brands never stop making announcements about the next big thing. They are constantly evolving and finding new opportunities to delight their audiences, be they vehicle drivers, movie or gadget fans.

Which type of company do you want yours to be like?

Don’t Get Stuck in Your Ways

It is easy to get used to old habits and feel as though it doesn’t need fixing if it ain’t broken. But this is probably what they had in mind at Kodak.

You may not have a product which is on the verge of becoming obsolete but are there systems and processes within your business that are? Perhaps your filing methods, while they have always worked fine, are taking up ten more hours per month than they need to.

It is likely that within your business there are tasks that really could be done away with, and opportunities that can simultaneously bring in more money, while saving hours of time.

But how do you know what you’re missing out on if you never look at your business with fresh eyes?

The Difference of an Outsider Perspective

You may feel you know your business inside and out, and of course you do. However, bringing in an outsider perspective will show you the many things you could be doing better.

For example, are you leveraging your marketing so you can reach out to customers who have already visited your website?

  • Do you have instruction manuals so your staff never have to ask you how to do simple tasks?
  • Are you making the most of affordable technology to create amazing graphics and videos for your business for a fraction of what an expensive marketing agency would charge?
  • Is your team fully engaged and excited to drive your business further?
  • What opportunities are there to partner with other businesses, expand or even go global?
  • How can automation drive leads down your sales funnel while you sleep?

No matter how high your profits are, there are always opportunities to leverage innovation and do even more incredible things. But if you’re stuck in your ways and doing things the way you always have done, will your business still be thriving in ten years time or will it be a dinosaur like TiVo?

How to Get the Help You Need for Your Business

Something as simple as a one-day workshop can open your eyes to a better way to do things. Taking just one day away from your routine will pay off in spades and show you how much is possible.

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