How Positive People Can Inspire You to Achieve Success

Storytelling can do wonders for your business. If you have a great story to tell, you can incorporate it into a successful marketing strategy. Some business owners do this by writing a book. And this is where Susan Dean can help you.

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The founder of Dean Publishing, Susan’s expertise lies in helping people write their story to help them grow their business.

“The book is basically like a business card on steroids,” she explained.

When helping business owners with their stories, Susan realised that she herself needed help. She was looking for a new mentor to help take her business to the next level.

More Than Just a Mentor

Susan found herself progressing into an arena where she was doing compilation books, so she needed someone who was already an expert in that field. After doing some research, she felt Dale Beaumont was the obvious choice.

Dale had written and published 16 best-selling books in his “Secrets Exposed” series, 11 of which he published in a single year. The series collectively sold over a quarter of a million copies. He is also planning to release a new series of books in 2018.

The Dean Publishing founder attended Dale’s one-day business workshop, where she learned about the Business Blueprint program. She thought she only needed a mentor to guide her but when she signed up for Dale’s 12-month program, she was blown away when she got more than what she expected.

Business Blueprint Benefits

Aside from progressing into her book series, Susan was learning so much more about marketing her business and the latest strategies used online. As a Business Blueprint member, she enjoyed many perks including four annual live conferences and an amazing online library filled with hundreds of step-by-step training videos. She also had access to webinars and Business Blueprint consultants.

She found herself gaining new information on so many different levels from learning the best tools and techniques that are out there to understanding social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. She also loved how the speakers were able to help her with her mindset and how to have balance in her life.

“Hiring a virtual assistant and being able to use things like Fiverr has been fantastic,” she revealed.

Positive People

The many connections that Susan made in the Blueprint community is one of the best parts of being part of the program. There is kinship as well as a strong willingness to support one another to achieve goals.

“Business Blueprint is obviously for any business owner/entrepreneur that wants to be part of an amazing, positive group,” she said.

Being around like-minded individuals has been an inspiring experience for Susan. They shared the same goals and dreams of creating a better business and a better life. She loved the camaraderie and the way they could bounce ideas off each other, get feedback and ask for help.

“They lift you while you’re still learning.”