The 12+ Things I Always Carry With Me

As a business owner and speaker, I’m on the road A LOT.

Running Business Blueprint and going to different speaking engagements involves travelling all over Australia, across New Zealand and further overseas on a regular basis.

Because I’m often working on the go, I need to have certain things within reach at all times. Of course, this includes a laptop, charger and phone but there are also a dozen other things I never leave home without.

Take a look at the video—you will probably find some inspiration for your next work trip!

  1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

    There are only 3 things I use to create content videos everywhere I go. One of these is a compact camera. The Canon G7 X Mark III is my personal favourite. It’s lightweight and super easy to use, especially if film some content videos and monthly updates.

  2. JOBY TelePod PRO Kit

    The second item I have on my camera kit is a tripod. The JOBY TelePod supports cameras and lights and it helps me take good quality videos. All I need is to do is plug it on my camera and I’m ready to go!

  3. RØDE Lavalier GO

    Finally, I have a Røde Lavalier GO microphone for filming some content videos. When you’re travelling, there are background noises you can’t control. So to improve the sound quality of my videos, I have to use a good quality microphone.

  4. Card Case

    I bring a card case whenever I’m travelling to separate my hotel and airline membership cards from the essential cards in my wallet.

  5. Foot Massage Ball

    I do a lot of speaking and I could be on my feet for almost 12 hours a day. Once I’m on the plane, I use a foot massage ball to relax at the end of a long day.

  6. Dual Drive USB stick

    I work on a Macbook Pro and it does not have a regular USB port. To easily move files between computers, I have to keep a special USB stick with handy. What I have with me is a USB stick with a Type-C and traditional Type-A port making file transfers so much easier.

  7. Definitive Colour System

    It helps me know which colour matches my skin tone. Whenever I’m travelling and I see a suit or jacket, I just pull this item out and see if it aligns to one of the colours in the system.

  8. NIVEA Deo Spray Invisible Black & White Mini

    A mini deodorant spray is one of my essential travel must-haves. It comes in handy when I have a busy day and I need to change my clothes and freshen up as quick as possible.

  9. dōTERRA Essential Oils

    I have a bottle of peppermint and lavender essential oils to help keep my energy levels up during the day and to relax after a long day of travelling.

  10. An Extra Wallet

    I use an extra wallet when I’m travelling to countries with a different currency. This way I don’t have to take money out of the ATM machine every single time.

  11. Mesh Pencil Case

    I prefer using a see-through pencil case to store my gizmos, clickers, adaptor and cables so I can find what I’m looking for quickly.

  12. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    All my files and documents are stored in a password encrypted 1TB external hard drive. In case my computer doesn’t work, I can easily move my presentation slides to another device.

  13. VITAMAN Face Moisturiser

    Doing a lot of travel leaves your skin feeling dry and dull. That is why I always pack a moisturiser. The Vitaman face cream is my go-to men’s skincare product.

  14. Portable Tea Infuser Tumbler

    As a speaker, I have to take care of my voice. So if I’m travelling to multiple speaking engagements, I fill my thermos with chamomile tea to recover my voice.

  15. Reusable Bag

    I keep an extra bag for emergency purposes. You’ll never know if you need to do some shopping while on your business trip.

There’s one more emergency item that I can’t travel without. Make sure to watch the end of this video to discover what it is!

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