The Great Ocean Road To Success

Inspired by a desire to take charge of her life and follow her passion, business owner Lisa Stephenson took a leap of faith and started her business Great Ocean Road Escapes, offering premium accommodation and holiday experiences to tourists visiting Victoria’s Apollo Bay.

However, despite quitting her job with the specific intention of getting her life back, Lisa soon found herself spending 18 – 20 hours a day trying to get everything done.

“I was completely stressed out and feeling alone,” says Lisa. “I was on the verge of giving up my business as the huge workload I had created for myself was overwhelming. My family and friends didn’t understand as they thought that running my business should give me the flexibility to take the day off. I desperately needed help!”

Time for change

Tragically, the loss of a friend brought things to a turning point for Lisa. “My best friend passed away at the age of 32 and as I was working in my demanding business, I was not able to spend the precious time that I wanted to during her last precious months alive. This life shattering event gave me the great desire to change my life. Something had to change for me to stop working 18 to 20 hour days and find again the flexibility to do the things I wanted to do, instead of being tied to my business.”

It was at this point that Lisa made the decision to join Business Blueprint. “I was drowning in too much work and massive overwhelm. I had watched Dale for a few years in videos on social media and noticed he had created an enviable lifestyle. I wanted to have time with my friends and family, time for myself and time to have a holiday or break to enjoy life again,” she explains.

After signing up as a Business Blueprint member, Lisa threw herself into the program and implemented all the teachings that applied to her business. Thanks to her enthusiasm, she was able to instigate major changes in a short period of time.

“I’m thrilled to report that within 15 months, I had systemised my business to the point where I was able to go on a six week tour around Italy / Portugal and Spain and spend a relaxing European summer whilst my business ran itself,” she shares.

Thanks to Business Blueprint, Lisa has increased productivity by 20 per cent. “We have achieved 30 per cent sales increase this year alone and will increased the number of properties we manage to 50.”

Going global

The business is also set for international expansion. “Great Ocean Road Escapes is now China ready and I employ a team of five. Two of those team members do the day-to-day tasks I used to manage in the business, freeing up my time to work on marketing. I am now able to run Great Ocean Road Escapes from anywhere in the world as everything operates from my mobile or laptop.”

Lisa is also set to hit the road. “This year we are updating our systems so Great Ocean Holiday Escapes is sale ready and even more streamlined. I am planning on three month European Holiday. We are on track to continue increase business growth by 30 per cent.”

Why Business Blueprint

According to Lisa, “The best thing about Business Blueprint is the supportive network and community that you become part of. These people have become my best friends, they have your back every step of the way and you definitely feel the love and support. My Blueprint community are always there when I reach out and life me up when I am down. On a practical level they always have solutions to your questions.”

“We are like family, we all have time for one another to help and support each other to grow our business in the areas we want to and achieve the things we desire in your business whether it be time, money, growth or eliminating the pain points of running a business.”

Lisa recommends Business Blueprint for Anyone who needs to gain control of their time, who needs some support, who wants to earn more money from their business or who is looking for business growth and JV partnerships.

“The opportunities that come up within the group and the members are priceless. It has opened me up to opportunities and business exposure through networking within the group. It’s also great for JV partnerships,” she explains.

“Business Blueprint has well and truly given me my time back, while increasing the business’s revenue and profit and this makes me extremely happy and healthy.”

Lisa’s pro tips

“Systemise systemise systemise! Write it all down so if something happened to you tomorrow someone can easily come in and take your place.”

Lisa has also learned the art of letting go. “Remove yourself from the business and remove your headaches. Delegate responsibility and enjoy watching others shine. Realise your potential and joy in watching your team grow whilst all being inspired and guided by you. Give your team the gift of confidence empower them to achieve what they didn’t think possible in themselves.”

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