The “Post Pandemic” Brand Building Blueprint

In times of disruption and crisis, many business owners slash or cease marketing. This is not the time to retreat, instead you need to think of new ways to market to consumers who are panicked and focused on fighting over toilet paper rather than spending their cash.

Presented by customer experience expert Amanda Stevens, this session will answer all your questions around marketing and brand building in a “post pandemic” environment and give you ideas to pivot, promote and zig while others are zagging.

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In this idea-packed presentation, you’ll learn…

  • How to pivot your marketing to spend smarter
  • 3 hidden opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Top 5 strategies to leverage any business downtime
  • How to craft your language carefully during a crisis
  • A 4-week hibernation plan to use for your business
  • Why it is important to innovate your service offering

If you loved this session, we have a bonus gift for you below. We’re giving away a hand-drawn, visual summary of Amanda’s presentation to remind you of all the important points mentioned in the video.

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Once you’ve downloaded the summary, the next step is to print and stick it around your desk so you can look at it every single day.

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